What did you do to your car today?

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    Decided i'd give the underside of my mk1 escort a waterblast as I had seen a bit of mud.... 1.5 hours later, covered in mud and exhausted I had cleared all the mud out of every nook and cranny and dumped it on my drive. Found numerous places where mud was sitting that I didn't even know existed. Managed to force mud from in the guards out through the headlight surrounds Also found many places that i'll likely drill holes in as they look like potential rust farms. *sigh* old cars...

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    Heh looks like most people on GP do things to their cars atleast once a week

    Better than leaving it till it gets worse though

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    just put on a new 4" apexi exhaust system on my RZ, sounds niiiice

    will put on photos when I do the tinting this week

    still on the hunt of black rims tho

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    tried to fix the misfire/lack of power on my Suzuki.

    didn't fix it. replaced fuel filter, dizzy cap and rotor, put on a set of leads from my corolla. Hit it with a hammer.

    gave up.

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    hosed off the bird shit. then took it for a WOF and passed

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    Migged some nuts onto the worst of the dents from the crash.

    Will pull them out and start getting creative with bog tommorow.

    Currently trying to find new gaurds, preferably flares from a surf, because that would look ****ing cool imo.

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    Now have a tray box ($50, 65 litre lockable metal box from super cheap+4 tech screws)

    Dents are still not pulled.


    Edit: Had a go at getting the electric window installed, but broke the switch. Dang and blast.

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    stared longingly out into the rain, decided i didn't want to try push it back up the road in the rain to the shed.

    oh well, defeat admitted, unless the rain magically stops.

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    Helped replace friends clutch.
    Got covered in lots of oil because we forgot to bleed the gearbox.

    Was great.

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    Electric windows and central locking now working on both doors.

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    did an oil change on ze E30, put in new rear bilstein springs and shocks.

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    pulled the auto box out, installed manual pedals, replaced fuel filter.

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    Painted the brake calipers fire truck red on my E36 Coupe (3 1/2 hours). Did it to my first one years ago, looks mint

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    nothing today just drove the jzx81, gx81 still sitting in garage with green sticker waiting to be certed, did a water pump and radiator on a j30 maxima yesterday for extra cash.

    list of things to do is huge tho lol as always

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    L33t_WaRRioR wrote:
    did an oil change on ze E30, put in new rear bilstein springs and shocks.

    mean, how does it handle?

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    found a multimeter. tested throttle position sensor. put old plug leads back on, taking it to the sparkie on monday.

    i hate paying people to do work i could do myself.

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    antil33t wrote:
    mean, how does it handle?
    hard to say right now as I havent got my fronts in. Not sure what spring setup to use in the front.

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    Just grab some stock springs and cut off about 8 coils.

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    antil33t wrote:
    mean, how does it handle?
    My E36 Coupe has them in from factory, handles like a go kart

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    Looked at a car I might be buying this week

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    What is it?

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    B16A Auto Civic. Fully sick, amirite?

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    4door r32 skyline, low kms, rb20det, very tidy.

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    How much? Manual?

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    He's asking for 7, offered him 6.5, said he would get back to me tomorrow. ofcourse