What did you do to your car today?

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    heylinmr2nz wrote:
    That is a nice kit! And I usually HATE body kits.

    Today I did some more running around and got the bolts for the clutch plate but was unable to pick up my spigot bearing and spark plugs, will have to be tomorrow.

    At the mo, the flywheel is installed and torqued up and once I get the spigot the rest can go in!

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    i made the most of my bald(ing) front tyres before i get them replaced for the wof due on nov 7. I think they are just under 1mm
    FWD skids are the man

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    Nah boe, real men drive RWD's.

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    RWD is where its at.

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    it was a joke.

    On a serious note, i finally managed to allign my frameless windows properly. No more wind noise, no more water leaking

    Also, paintless dent man took out a dent yesterday, came up primo. Best $20 I ever spent

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    lueyyou wrote:
    RWD is where its at.
    Sure is.
    Today = Managed to fix a plastic bit i'd broken off my ICV with the end of a bic pen
    Rangi mods ftw.

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    painted a r32 gtr wing primer for my R32 GTS

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    Been trying to fix my handbrake situation. ****ing dash mounted handbrakes, hate them, I reckon a custom handbrake transplant might be in order for motokhana season.

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    Oil and Filter change. Down to a fine and very quick art.

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    Got a VTNZ wof.

    i must be moving up in the world - this is the first vehicle i've ever owned that i'd even consider taking thru VTNZ, aand on top of that, it passed first time.

    feeling pretty happy with myself right now....

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    mine went in for painting today.
    Respray bonnet, front guards, front bumper, drivers door, drivers rear guard blended. Then bonnet, front guards, bumper, whole door and whole rear guard clear coated.

    After this theyr gonna bake it for a day and a night. Then hes going to wetsand and polish new paint, and then run a buffer over the whole car to make it all spotless. To top it off hes going to mix me up some touch up paint and touch up clear coat and put them into pens.

    Should be done by friday afternoon. Quote-$800. And I know the guy and know that if any of his team let some half ass job go out the door, they get their ass kicked. Pics will follow.

    Also, some little cu*t dinged my car with their door in the same place as the dent I just paid $50 to get pulled out. Will get this pulled out AGAIN.

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    looked at a few new options for my suzuki project.

    CA18 + auto or 7mge + Hilux 4wd gbox.

    I'm leaning towards the CA18. While the 7m would be kinda trippy in a tiny little truck, and the diffs would handle it, it'd be inside the cabin a long way, whereas alll i really need to do to fit the CA is put a scoop on the bonnet. I might even be able to fit the radiator under the bonnet instead of on the deck.

    anyone wanna buy a 2L-T?

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    Installed a headunit that I bought for $80 from the warehouse. Hell it plays pretty good

    Front USB, SD & Aux. My brother offered to give back the headunit he ripped out of my car. Don't need it back now

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    Drove it to Christchurch and back.
    (from Dunedin)

    Almost had two accidents due to ****ers not giving way. Did I mention people in Christchurch FAIL at merging?

    And used like 33L of fuel to get to Christchurch, to the hospital and back to Hornby to fill it up. (370km)

    Yay, 11.2km/L

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    Pull out new dent in drivers side door.
    Replace door glass.
    Kill the poor little rich boy wanna be bogan, st heliers cock munching ****tard, who kicked it in after being bounced from the party for trying to fight me.

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    clean the bird shit off it... again :mad:

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    took it for a drive with the Link installed and running 1.5 bar (22psi).

    Holy balls

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    22psi sure does sound good. What's this in?

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    skrillz wrote:
    22psi sure does sound good. What's this in?
    my Laser TX3 (1600cc DOHC turbo).

    Probably going to dial it back to 18psi for the 'proper' tune, there's no point in overstressing the already fragile gearbox

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    Ha sweet little 1600
    Bet it pulls pretty nice being force fed 22psi ha, take a vid

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    I put the rego on my car on hold for a year today...heh.
    Plan to have it back on the road before then, but a year gives me a ton of time to get it done lol.

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    Today I was busy!

    - Made up some adapters for the gearbox mount, got the box in alright.
    - Bolted up the drive shaft
    - Removed gearbox again to install the new thrust bearing that I forgot about...

    ...holy crap, I spent 8 hours doing that , felt like I did a lot.

    But now I just have to...

    - bolt on the slave cylinder
    - add fluids
    - go back and tighten a ****ing bolt on the top of the clutch pedal, god I hate that bolt
    - Put in new locks and ignition (from getting broken into)
    - Put new boot hatch on
    - Put drivers seat back in
    - Cut 2x holes for the rear cusco strut brace to go in
    - Tidy up a little rust
    - Put Intercooler back in

    There is most probably more...

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    Meh, see build thread

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    checked tyre Pressure Pssssssssshhhhhhhhh

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    washed, waxed and cleaned the crap out of my car. It's all shiny now *Waits for birds to come and destroy all the effort*