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    1. Those were to discharge the CRT because they can carry a charge in the Kilovolt range
    2. The LCD had a 12v power adapter which I just the cut the wire from and wired it up to the power supply
    3. 30 something watts I guess

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    Front panel hooked up and ready.

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    Looking awesome.

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    any updates? =D

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    Zalman wrote:
    any updates? =D

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    Cool to see you started with a trayloader. I wish I did... could damn near have my G3 conversion finished if finding a slimline slotloader wasn't such a horrible job without spending megadollars.

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    Yeah, School really slows me down but it's nearly term break, I'll start working on it again. Currently, I'm grinding down the edges of the edges of the screen frame since a 15" LCD has more viewable area than a 15" CRT.

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    Damn! Very Coool! Will watch for further discussion and PICS!

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    I'm grinding down the bezel so that you can see the corners of the screen.

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    Motherboard tray started on today, still need to make room for cables and PCI slots.

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    Oh snap, mine's GA-945GZ based

    I should just shut up and put some pictures up of my iMac build, but I'm keen to see how yours turns out

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    this will turn out to be epic

    interesting to see how efficient the airflow will end up, have you considered the antec skeleton setup? huge fan up top blowing down, and lost of vents on the sides

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    Big fans in the top means you lose the coolest feature of the iMac though... the carry handle. What good is an iMac with no carry handle?

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    left to right fans?

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    Im thinking of having 1 120mm fan sucking out air, I won't loose the carry handle because It's the earlier tray loader

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    Moar holes then

    Here's mine if you want some inspiration - yours is inspiring me to stop being a lazy bugger and get the new slotload drive installed so I can bolt it all shut

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    Yup, mine will be all bolted up since its a tray loader.

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    any updates?

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    I've completed the motherboard tray: holes cut, and cards have been secured to each other to stop a lever effect

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    Today I started on the I/O and its almost completed, Just need to paint it black and maybe put in LAN

    Should I put in an ethernet port?? I already have a wireless N card on the motherboard.


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    i reckon that you should put a ethernet port in

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    Yeah you will want Ethernet in case you take it to a LAN

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    I'm definitely putting in a LAN port this weekend, and I'll also spray paint it black.

    Should I bother buying a mask?

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    lokks like those ports are pretty rusted up. they still going to work?