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    worklog: iMac G3 mod

    I started a few weeks ago and here is the current progress:
    When I first got it

    Taking it apart :'(

    original speakers hooked up

    That's it for now, I need to save up money for the PC components.

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    this could be cool

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    I love worklogs.

    Happy to see another, especially an interesting one like this

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    Worklogs rock Hahaha the jumper leads made me lol Keep up the good work!

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    Stack Of Donuts wrote:
    That's it for now, I need to save up money for the PC components.
    gonna be interesting... whats the plans for the components?

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    Well Im putting a 15" LCD in, and here are the specs (might change):

    Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2ghz
    2X1gb DDR2-800
    ATI Radeon HD4850 (not quite sure on this one)
    Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3 motherboard
    Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus 550W (it's gonna push the LCD as well)
    A DVD Writer
    Seagate momentus 5400.6 500gb 5400rpm (I got this as an external hdd for a bday present from rich relatives in Hong Kong)

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    I love apple/mac mods. Especially if the modder can retain the look of the original hardware. GL and looking forward to seeing more pics

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    this could be interesting

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    I'm in the process of finding a graphics card, so if any of you can help out please do.

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    15" and 4850 will do fine and very fast gaming with that res.
    signed up a fake account to scam a fellow gper

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    I can't find any second hand ones <160 gah

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    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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    good luck derek my friend hehe

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    looking good man, keen to see results

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    DVD writer fitted.

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    Tested all the hardware, and fitted the LCD today.

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    Looking mint. How are you handling your cooling/airflow? (the case looks pretty shit for ventilation)

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    1 120mm fan at the top to suck in cool air, relying on positive pressure for exhaust.

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    Got the power supply to push the screen

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    Looking good

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    This mod has the potential to be very cool. Ones like this and other mac conversions are very interesting! Nice work so far, keep it up would love to see the final result!

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    Whats with the jumper lead cables at the top pictures? And how did you get the power supply to power the LCD? How many watts does the LCD pull? awesome work!

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    Zalman wrote:
    Whats with the jumper lead cables at the top pictures?
    I am assuming he was using them to discharge the annode inside the montitor,

    Steps1.Unplug the monitor.
    2.Leave it alone for a few hours. If you can afford to waste a lot of time, twenty-four hours would be better.
    3.Wear rubber-soled shoes (no steel toes) and safety goggles. Take off all your jewelry, especially rings and watches. You don't want to be grounded in any way.
    4.Find a heavy flat-bladed screwdriver with good insulation. A Swiss Army knife is not acceptable.
    5.Find a heavy-gauge wire with alligator clips on the end.
    6.Take the monitor's case off -- and don't forget where the screw goes in. This could lead to embarrassment.
    7.Attach one alligator clamp to an unpainted portion of the metal frame.
    8.Attach the other alligator clip to the screwdriver's metal shaft.
    9.Make sure that neither you or the screwdriver are in contact with anything metal.
    10.The anode is a wire covered by a suction cup. Slide the screwdriver blade under the suction cup until you hear a loud pop and see a blue flash.
    11.Wait for about 30 minutes and repeat.