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    The four day competition starts today with:

    Otago v Northern
    Central v Auckland
    Wellington v Canterbury

    There are a number of players in particular that I am interested in seeing develop over the competition.
    Mainly: Williamson, Kitchen, Stewart, Elliot, Ingram and Fulton.

    Hope Ingram has a good season. Really want to say bye bye to McIntosh.

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    I'm not sure I want to update this thread, Wellington are 118/1 vs Canterbury.

    Otago missing about half their normal top order are 74/8 vs ND - Brett Arnel with a 5fer, while Auckland are 172/4 largely thanks to 50 from Ravi Bopara, and Gareth Hopkins is batting 5 against the Stags.

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    Otago bowled out for 88. Not good

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    lol Ravi Bopara was on the plane for 70 hours (or 70 hours from when he left to arrive) and his gears wasn't there when he arrived - had to get it couried to him from Palmy. so pretty good effort to get a 50.

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    Hahaha! Wellington all out for 214. Sadly Canterbury are 6/1. Chris Martin found some form, 35/4. Papps out early for Canterbury.

    Auckland 289/6. Hopkins and AP de Boorder both getting 60s, the latter still at the crease.

    Otago after being all out for 88 have ND at 137/5.

    15 wickets, 11 wickets and 6 wickets on the first day (not sure when play closes).

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    And it's lunch on day two.

    Canterbury are 38/1; rain has interrupted play today. Bloody useless weather in the Capital. ND are really twisting the knife, after demolishing Otago they're 375/8, set to take a 300+ lead into the second innings, which brings an innings victory into sight. Joseph Yovich has starred with the bat, a century from 7.

    Auckland were all out for 403, de Boorder got a century there, Tuffey 56. Then the last three all got ducks. CD 1/0 at lunch, Ingram and How batting, it will be interesting to see how the pair go, How especially is a talented guy.

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    6/18 for Arnel

    He has a contract doesn't he?

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    Not sure about Arnel, I don't think so though.

    Volts batting again, 38/0. ND finished up with 410. Canterbury are now 76/2 and the stags are 72/3. How out for 43, promising signs from him. Hopefully he'll have a good season.

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    yeah i actually dont mind How (in our test team). hopefully he does well and gets the feet moving again, which may warrent selection for him again if McIntosh continues to fail.

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    So over night Uni Oval pitch went from a minefield to State Highway 1. Going to be an interesting first test \o/

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    Lunch on day 3. Guess who's in the runs for the Stags. If you guessed Matthew Sinclair, you'd be right. 198/4 the Stags are, Sinclair 60*.

    Meanwhile Otago continue to fight back, a century from Cumming taking them to 252/4, and Canterbury got first innings points by the skins of their teeth - 222 all out (Double Nelson; who left their feet on the ground?), vs Wellingtons 214. Andy Ellis has been a busy boy, a late order 41 from him was key to getting those points. Wellington are 10/1 at lunch.

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    Still a long fight for Otago to to save for a draw ._. Huge tail we have too :/

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    Well Otago managed to force ND to bat again. However they only needed 13 runs so an easy win for ND. Canterbury have Wellington 119/4, so its setting up for a good final days play. Matthew Sinclair is also doing what he does best (scoring **** loads of runs), he's 142* atm in CD's 334/5. No wickets for Tuffey yet, but Martin has a couple for Canterbury.

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    Fuu exams are finished, i was thinking of going along to see the 4th day :mad:

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    Stags have first innings points over Auckland, declaring at 418, Sinclair finishing up with 165. Not much chance of a result though, I would think, only one day left and 2 innings still to come. Wellington 192/7. I'd guess Canterbury will be chasing around 220-240 on day 4. CJ Merchant out for 99.

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    Day four, Canterbury at 46/2 chasing 255. Auckland are 121 for no loss, so that will be drawsville there. McIntosh and Richard Jones are in the runs there.

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    Did somebody say domestic cricket?

    Lunch on day one of round 2.

    Northern are starting to look formidable, again a first day demolition of a batting line up - this time central out for 94. Taylor top scored with 29, Graeme Aldridge in wickets, 6/49.

    Meanwhile, Ravi Bopara is starting to pull his weight for Auckland, having broken with the final ball before lunch Wellingtons 151 run opening stand. Bell out for 94.

    In Rangiora, Canterbury have also had a strong start, 124/1 at lunch, papps scoring a nearly run-a-ball 50 before being dismissed. One S.E. Bond is in the line up too.

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    Sweet it's in the Rangoon, might pop up for a watch..

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    wtb a cricket channel/broadcasting of atleast SOME domestic cricket. **** sky

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    Damnn look at that scorecard for the ND v CD game . Where does Williamson field, slips?

    Edit: lol just realised fail link.

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    Hopefully Bond comes through okay and drafted into the squad. Mills is out for 4 months (unlikely to of made test series, but not good for up coming ODI series)

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    danscene wrote:
    wtb a cricket channel/broadcasting of atleast SOME domestic cricket. **** sky
    yeah, why did they stop televising domestic cricket?

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    ffs, another school mate is playing in a representative team... way to make me feel bad.

    Logan Van Beek, who funnily enough also was one of the stars from the Junior Tall Blacks in the tourny in Chch this year...

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    Time for tea.

    Wellington 226/4. The other opener still there, 82*. A bit Captain Slow though.

    ND 91/3, so almost ahead. That's a hell of a Greentop though, 7 wickets are caught behind and I'd wager that Williamson and Taylor are in the slip cordon too, so it's 9 out of 13 wickets caught behind the stump.

    Canterbury looking strong at 214/2. Top 3 are all in the runs, Nicol dismissed for 75 and Fulton not out 70. Its good to see Fulton in the runs. Todd Astle batting 4 today, I reckon the kids got talent, so I hope he starts showing some soon.

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    Neoptolemus wrote:
    Canterbury looking strong at 214/2. Top 3 are all in the runs, Nicol dismissed for 75 and Fulton not out 70. Its good to see Fulton in the runs. Todd Astle batting 4 today, I reckon the kids got talent, so I hope he starts showing some soon.
    Toddys got quite a good spin on him too, glad to see him moved slightly down the order as he's usually an opener but better positioned around 4.