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    Yeah have fun guys. Post up any good pics.

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    Well im sitting outside. Will head in and find out. What's going on in a second

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    Well everyone seems to be here. Met the gp guys. More to come

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    Zeon you now must give regular updates

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    In the van

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    so where are the photos?

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    Some photos are here:

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    I'll post some up when I get home, was very interesting indeed! And nice to finally put a face to the forum names

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    Great to finally see what this stuff actually looks like thanks to all involved for this rare opportunity

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    did they show the dail up equipment the higer order equipment? did they talk about the switchs there at MAB?

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    CraZeD wrote:
    LOL - I didn't realise you were updating it all live! Nicely done!!

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    Bio-Hazard wrote:
    did they show the dail up equipment the higer order equipment? did they talk about the switchs there at MAB?
    Yeah they did, I have some pics and an hour of vids of the trip, which I will aim to edit and put up on my site once edited..

    I know we have a lot of people that care, but maybe 60 mins of video might be a little boring!

    Thanks so much to the guys that came along, I really enjoyed meeting you all, and I really was impressed with the questions asked!

    We have a lot of questions that were put forward, some of which are more retail based, so I will chase down both Wholesale and Retail to answer the list of the complex questions, and if I am able to, I would love to get the questions and answers video'ed and uploaded also.

    Thanks heaps to the GPforum moderators to let us talk about it here, as well as the community here to show interest to turn up, as well as people keen to hear about what we got up to. Also thanks so much to Telecom Wholesale and Chorus for taking us around, but mainly for the Beer and Pizza!


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    This was awesome, don't ask me to name the technical terms of half the stuff we've seen but it gave me a better understanding of the whole network. Pictures start from under the exchange, didn't get that many photos as I videoed most of it until my memory card filled up, but I'm sure the others also got shitloads of photos. Cheers adslgeek for organising this and Telecom Wholesale & Chorus guys for allowing us to see all this. It was also good to meet some of the GPforums users, very fun day for me

    Fibre being handed to the OFDF (Telecom's optical fibre distribution frame), this is water proof, you'll see some isolating resin on one of the photos

    Fibre joints

    The resin (i thought it was cool )

    the base of the fiber joint

    These connect the cable side to the equipment side

    NEAX is terminated on these ports

    DSLAMs (digital subscriber line access multiplexer), right side of the pair is for DSL and left side for voice which goes to the NEAX

    Backup diesel generators

    The batteries (he described it as a big UPS)

    NEAX (Nippon Electric Automated Exchange)

    Telstraclear ISAMs (locked in a cage haha)

    7450 (aggregation switch)

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    Nice pics guys. Perhaps some explanation of what each is would be good.

    My 2c

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    lol get to see some of the 30+ year old equipment that still is being used these days,
    Chaos, Disorder, Mayhem .... My work here is done

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    Added description for some of my pics, left some out as I can't remember what they were called. If I got anything wrong please correct me.

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    Good tour, glad I got to go along. If I'd been really organised I would've signed up here earlier on and you could've followed me on Twitter.

    Nice to meet some of the GP Forum guys too.

    ** nated goes back to Geekzone

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    For sure, I will assemble more of a detailed tutorial, as I get time, but for the meantime, there are a lot of guys from this forum who seemed pretty knowledgeable,

    Also I have over 60 mins of footage to edit on my slow PC, and that will be uploaded as I get time to do that! :-)

    I have just uploaded a video of the DSL whisper cabinets here

    (For the record, it is Movember, so remember that a couple of the guys look as though they have some great mo's growing there..)

    Also they gave us a lot of detailed slides to take away with us, and those PPT presentations will be hosted up on my site too..

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    I've uploaded my photos to Flickr. Just don't expect any major technical descriptions, sorry! I've added the odd title to some.

    Thanks again for letting us see all this stuff, was really cool. Nice meeting you all, too Oh, and free hardhat ftw

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    Right well My pictures are much the same as what's been posted before, let me know if you want me to annotate them a little more.

    Images on Flickr

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    FYI the 7450 is not an ISAM . ISAMs connect into the core 7450's which provide eth aggregation (ISAMs are a type of DSLAM, ie the things that sit in cabinets/exchanges that you get DSL sync off).

    Also the DSLAM you see inside the exchange with the splitter cards separated from the line cards, this is not done in ISAM cabinets (for space reasons). Splitter cards sit in between the line cards. Splitter cards are used to separate voice traffic from data traffic. Line cards (LT cards) give you your DSL sync.

    Happy to answer any questions though I doubt anyone is that interested

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    the pic you have labeled as pcm-30 is the base of the fiber joint, or the indoor/out-door cable

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    maha wrote:
    Does quality control not exist in Auckland?

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    nope... just one snip could **** up soo many people....

    /envious of all the attendees.