What are you currently playing? (screenshots)

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    What game is this? Obra Dinn?
    Yep, sorry I thought I wrote that.

    It's quite different to anything I've played before.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Haven't played this beauty in about 15 years (nor visited this forum in that time).

    Bought the steam retail version on saturday and already clocked 7 hours playing against bots. Total early 00's nostalgia. I'm not even sorry.

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    Some guys have a made a completely overhaul for Skyrim, it's very very nice. After not playing for a while, this made me start it back up. It's like a completely new game with new mechanics ect, very good story. It's called Enderal It's even free, multi language support(German, french is on its way I think and English)

    For Mobile wise, playing an RPG/diablo-esque game that's called Initium Permanent Death, Player Housing, 5th Result, Random bosses ect. Kills time very well while at work. Also works on desktop.

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