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    Basileus wrote:
    You actually think I'm going to buy the notion that problems with the environment and all of society's ills are the "symptom of a toxic system" of "white supremacy, colonialism and hetero-sexism" and "Europeans spreading their toxicity around the world"?

    Yeah... no thanks. You can lap up that Marxist shit propaganda if you like.
    The point is that the current system is on a collision course with collapse. It is completely unsustainable. While people may disagree on it's ills and what a new world could look like, that doesn't mean you must disregard the entire movement because you found some people's views to be too "Marxist" for you.

    The sources you give are just trying to discredit the movement because they don't actually have any credible counter argument other than "let's keep destroying the planet because it's profitable".

    Uhhh, I doubt it... Sounds like a fairly spurious claim to me.
    Nope, it's true. Look it up.

    Woah, cool bro. You don't think I've tried LSD before? lol.
    Oh you have? So how can we trust you? You're just another psychedelic-loving hippy right? No? See how pathetic it is to use it as an insult?

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    I dunno why you're putting Marxist in quotation marks. You don't fool me, Pinko.

    'New world' eh. Yeah yeah.

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    "Divide and conquer" seems to be your tactic Basileus, by calling people names of labels. The situation is far more important that that.

    Do you think that the planet's ability to sustain our lives as we know it to be in serious trouble now or in the near future?
    Do you think we can stop the wholesale destruction and exploitation of the planets biodiversity and resources, with 'business as usual"?

    Dont take my word for it, I suggest you read up on both the warnings given by 1,000s of scientist concerned about humanitys future, first in 1992 and again in 2017 after lack of significant action since the first warning. I trust their opinions more than some think-tank blog or website, and that includes many pro- as well as con- climate action ones. Check them out here. -

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    KiwiTT wrote:
    Check them out here. -
    Hmm, this is interesting...

    If you look on the page with a listing of their organizational endorsements, the logo they're using is the exact same logo used by "The United Planet Faith & Science Initiative", or UPFSI...

    Which seems to be yet another wing of the UN. Specifically with the purpose of creating 'inter-faith dialogue' in the supposed context of climate change:

    UPFSI aims to shift the consciousness of humanity and the momentum of global society in a more sustainable direction in such critical areas as climate change, environmental protection, and biodiversity. The Initiative is an outgrowth of the Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change (IDCC), which was seminal in coalescing the interfaith ‘constituency’ within the UN FCCC process in 2009.
    In the words of E.O. Wilson in his book The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth, “Religion and science are the two most powerful forces in the world today… If religion and science could be united on the common ground of biological conservation, the problem would soon be solved.” A coalition of faith and science can help achieve a goal that has eluded the world’s governments, to help society recognize and solve our ecological problems through awareness, education, and collaborative action.
    Well well well... I wonder if that raises your skeptic alarm bells at all KiwiTT? Aren't you an atheist?

    It's interesting that almost all of this seems to trace directly back to the UN, one way or another. All of it. All of these endless sham organizations with their stupid bloated acronyms. And I don't trust the UN... I'm sorry, but I done a massive deep dive down the rabbit hole a while back into so-called 'New World Order' conspiracies, and personally I came to the conclusion that they are in fact very real, and not merely the ravings of proverbial tinfoil-hat wearing paranoiacs. And that the UN is, perhaps just one among many, of the organizations in the game competing for a slice of the pie (or the whole pie, as the case may be).

    I know too much about the history, background and influences that played a significant role in the formation of the United Nations and their supra-nationalist aspirations now to think they are merely some benign, harmless "humanitarian" organization with the best intentions for the world. At the core they are a New Age religious cult masquerading as a secular organization - that's a fact.

    Need I remind you that it is the stated goal of the kooky New Age theosophist Lucifer-worshiping UN fiduciary NGO Lucis Trust organization to form a One World Religion, or "New World Religion", as they put it.

    And the United Nations, the historical successor to the League of Nations, really really wants a One World Government.

    One of their other big agendas also happens to be, coincidentally, heavily promoting 'interfaith' spirituality. Not because they genuinely want to foster understanding and relations between the different major religions, but because they want to trick people into becoming part of a new, "global religion" that would be an ambiguous, mystical wishy washy mishmash of different bits and pieces of all of the world's current religions, but based instead on the worship of Mother Nature, or Lucifer, or ****ing Djwal Khul.... who knows.

    Start really looking into it and it's not too difficult to put the pieces of the puzzle together and see what might really be going on here. Regardless of whether or not there may be some underlying truth to 'climate change', as far as the relentless agenda of trying to push people into full-on panic mode, I really get this creeping feeling that people are somehow playing into a massive, massive deception - and if enough people fall for it, could have potential to lead down a very bad road...

    Buuuut hey, what the f*ck do I know.

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    I hear you regarding UN conspiracy theories. I have my own concerns, regarding Agenda 21 / 2030, and can clearly see their influence on the limitations of Local Government democracy (Mayors and Concillors), being able to do lots of stuff. However 100s of nations have signed up to them (including our own), so we are now stuck with these new bureaucratic rules.

    And yes, I am an Atheist too! As for 'Faith' connections, we need to understand that a huge % of the world are still under "The God Delusion" as well, so we need to work with that fact. So trying to connect scientists to them to influence these people on the true facts may help people out of this delusion.

    However, all that being said, the global enviromental statistics, of overpopulation, over-exploitation of resources, massive pollution issues, extinctions of 1,000s of species, rising temperatures, ice melts, extreme weather events (heatwaves, cyclones, floods, droughts, etc.) can really not be denied. We can debate the causes, but it is the impacts that can now be clearly seen.

    You are really left with 3 options;
    1) Work within the systems, UN, National Government, Local Governments, etc.
    2) Work outside the system, Greenpeace, Activitism, Protest movements, Extinction Rebellion, etc.
    3) Just try to be good citizen and look after your family and friends and the enviroment you are living in.

    Most people fall into option 3 and carry on with their own lives as 'business-as-usual', because well there are more important things to be concentrating on, like food, shelter, children, work, etc.

    I have looked into both 1 and 2 options and feel that option 1 is too slow to make changes (the wheels of government are slow moving) and option 2 is really too radical for me, and feel they are more about raising awareness as opposed to providing solutions.

    This is why I am now resigned to the fact that the world will become more chaotic in the coming decades as the impacts humanity has had on the planet become ever worse. So my thoughts are now on preparing the younger generations with the skills, knowledge and probably finances to cope with these coming events.

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    At the core they are a New Age religious cult masquerading as a secular organization - that's a fact.
    It boggles my mind that you will happily lap up conspiracy theories like this as "fact" but at the same time you question the theory of climate change. You've been watching too much Infowars.

    The Faith & Science Initiative is simply about working with religious leaders to raise environmental concern, in an effort to create a common goal of sustainability. Oh my gosh. How terrible!

    The Lucis Trust Organization is not a devil worshipping organization. Lucifer meaning Venus in latin and often referred to the morning star. The name was changed to Lucis, which means "of light", probably because chumps like you thought they were satanic. I don't even understand why you link them? They are just one of literally hundreds of NGOs working with the UN. Why did you cherry pick this one?

    Seriously dude. Stop gobbling up Alex Jones' crap and do your own research.

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    Yup, 200M climate refugees by 2050 by UN estimates. The next few decades are gonna be hella interesting, and sad.

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    The dates keep getting closer and closer.

    s0cks wrote:
    Yup, 200M climate refugees by 2050 by UN estimates. The next few decades are gonna be hella interesting, and sad.
    Some of the estimates go up to one billion refuges. Even if you don't factor in anything else, a tenth of that number is enough to collapse countries

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    Reading this
    Carbon dioxide - the gas scientists say is most responsible for global warming
    I think it should be written as
    Carbon dioxide - the gas that is most responsible for global warming

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    The destruction is speeding up infinitely faster than predicted...

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    Not a bad production of the warning that was given a second time to humanity.

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    s0cks wrote:
    Yup, 200M climate refugees by 2050 by UN estimates. The next few decades are gonna be hella interesting, and sad.
    Why sad?

    World will be better off without us, we basically wrecked the place.

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    Because we have to live through it ...

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    Her book Merchants of Doubt is excellent for explaining how political interference has absolutely hindered climate change research (including the IPCC).

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    Gesellschaft wrote:
    Her book Merchants of Doubt is excellent for explaining how political interference has absolutely hindered climate change research (including the IPCC).
    Half way through "The Uninhabitable Earth" book, and it explains that scientists have watered-down their warnings, because of these "Merchants of Doubt", which goes some way to explaining why it seems we are only just now seeming to be taking notice, when it is now arguably too late to stop it. i.e. runaway multiple "unknown unknowns" feedback loops are underway.

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    I want to read it, but at the same time I prefer to spend my free time trying not to think about it!

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    CODChimera wrote:
    Because we have to live through it ...
    No you won't.

    Someone will butcher you like a hog to get your canned food.

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    Zarkov wrote:
    No you won't.

    Someone will butcher you like a hog to get your canned food.
    If we're at the point where people are killing each for food in New Zealand then we'll already have lived through it lol.

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    OK ... this is different ... first I have heard of wildfires in the Artic

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    KiwiTT wrote:
    OK ... this is different ... first I have heard of wildfires in the Artic
    Google seems to indicate they are a regular thing (similar reports for 2016/12/10/03 and earlier).

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    Must be my new news sources