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    Motorstorm Arctic Edge reviewed

    Review by Ian Knott;

    MotorStorm was a launch title for the PS3 and was followed up by its sequel MotorStorm: Pacific Rim.

    Both were very similar games which looked fantastic and provided terrific arcade offroad racing action. For the first time the series takes a hiatus from the PS3 and makes an appearance on Sony’s PSP and PS2 consoles. It also takes a hiatus from Evolution Studios and sees BigBig Studios take the reins (and co-developed with Virtuos for the PS2 version – not being reviewed here).

    Thankfully the series doesn’t suffer in the slightest from the change of developer or change of console. Despite the understandable graphical compromises, Arctic Edge is still the same high speed, turbo boosting, mud plugging racer we have become accustomed to.
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    I loved the first game, really really did it looked awesome, played good online and everything

    Not sure what went wrong with motorstorm 2 but I just felt it didn't look as good (some bits did) but overall it looked worse. I know its harder to make a jungle look better then an open desert but that ain't my fault