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    Darksiders: Wrath of War reviewed

    Review by Joel Lauterbach;

    It's somewhat surprising that these epic characters in the war between Heaven and Hell have not been turned into a game franchise previously. Fortunately however, developers Vigil Games have now taken the characters and environments by the horns, and let their fantasies run wild, much to the benefit of gamers around the world. Darksiders is an all-new title following in the enormous footsteps of games such as God Of War, as well as drawing inspiration from the legendary Zelda series too. This combination alone piqued our interest, and we were very excited to find out what Darksiders had to offer.
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    I recently downloaded the demo for dantes inferno and it seems as though that game and this one are almost exactly the same. Very deja vu.

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    I thought the DI demo was good so this game should be awesome also. I will definately pick this game up soon. I just need to finish Dragon Age first and if I can do it before Mass Effect 2 comes out I will get it then.

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    Yeah this game looks mean. Might have to hire it for a cpl of days. Dantes Inferno also looks pro but off all the footage I saw a month or so ago there is only 2 weapons..?

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    you can have guns.. (not to sure when thou!) and you can have a rather errmm funky crossblade (think of the zelda boomarang) and it's nice n gory mmm mince meat of demons n angels and over the top swords..

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    Is it multi platform?

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    Beebegun05 wrote:
    Is it multi platform?
    Did you look at the review at all?

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    this is one game that I'm going to pass on for now, but I'll definately get it when it comes down in price, it does look awesome

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    I don't know how much more punishment my credit card can take
    But this looks pretty bloody awesome, loving the possibilities with the God of War and Zelda combo

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    It is a pretty awesome game.
    I'm a bit un-co with some of the high speed aiming you have to do with the analogue sticks, but other than that it's all good.
    Just got the gun last night after 7 hours of gameplay and I'm guessing I might be getting close to half way through.

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    yeah panda i had to restart the whole game in easy, as I'm unco with the controls with aiming (curse that giant bat!)..

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    I found that bat to be pretty crazy compared to the second boss.
    I imagine once you get really used to the controls it's not too bad, but having to keep hitting R3, L2, R2 while avoiding attacks, and trying to aim with sticks can get a bit frustrating when it's a constantly moving target.

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    loving this game at the moment and i think i'm almost close to that bat lady place...

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    Worthwhile to buy this game? Answer is yes, I have it and now killed two bosses of hearts. Going to the sand worms. Still a bit stuck with getting some chests.

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    Bump, how far are the rest of you guys nowdays?

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    I'm getting this today!!

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    Oh mate I tell you what your in for a really good game! I got it yesterday at 4pm and finished this morning at 4am, back awake now, but having my coffees before I go at it

    One tip I can give you is take time to learn the moves and practice on some lower level monsters the different combat techinques before you encounter bosses.

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    Can you start on the hardest difficulty from the start? I want to get all the achievements in 1 run Don't think I'll have a problem with the combat, I have 1000GS on Devil May Cry 4 and Bayonetta

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    Easy, Medium and I think Hard or Hell or Nightmare, forgot the settings. I think maybe to get another level you have to go again. I am not sure about all of them in one run, I played Devil May Cry 4 and a bit of Bayonetta, this is harder then those two easily. I am only doing it on Normal/Medium this time.

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    I'm playing my first run through on the difficulty just under apocalypse, it's pretty good game, I absolutely love it. I'm right at the end at the moment just taking my time as some stages are quite frustrating when you get stuck but most are pretty easy to figure out.

    I've actually bought a limited edition overseas and it came with a code to unlock the harvester weapon, but apparently it's really really powerful and I just don't wanna ruin the game. lol it also came with a pack of cards which I haven't opened yet

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    Can you get that weapon any other way or just the code? Pity that they limit it like that. Are you doing it on Normal/Medium?

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    I just started on Apocaplyptic

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    Oh good luck, I did the normal and it was a bit challenging at times with the bigger monsters, more so the ones that are the basher sort..

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    Do you have Xbox Live mate? I'll add you

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    ohhhpe wrote:
    Can you get that weapon any other way or just the code? Pity that they limit it like that. Are you doing it on Normal/Medium?
    apparently u can do something to unlock it without the code, might wanna check gamefaqs or something...