Hi All,
I struggled setting up a Strong SRT 4663X box for freeview off a sky dish. Eventually I got it working and I'd like to share my knowledge with all fellow kiwis to save you guys the same trouble...

Existing Settings:

Sky dish already setup on the roof
Sky receiver with active subscription

Additional devices:

One SRT 4663X Strong receiver
One two-way splitter with one channel DC pass (important for powering the LNB)
Crimper and heads
High quality cable for wiring


I'm not going into detail here coz this step is covered in countless places online....
Do the wiring thing to hook up the splitter onto the exisiting sky cable
Wire up the freeview decoder using your newly purchased cable, crimper and heads

Important - the sky box powers the LNB via DC voltage, keep the settings as they were on the sky box and plug the sky box to the splitter via the DC pass channel
Wire the freeview receiver to the other channel on the splitter

Setting up the Strong box:

On the remote - Menu button, Installation -> Dish settings
Default password is 0 0 0 0
Satellite - Optus D1/KU
LNB power - Off
LNB type - Single
LNB frequency - 10750
22KHz - Off
DiSEqC switch - Off

Then exit saving your changes

Then run from the menu - Auto Scan - Optus D1 satellite

That's it !