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    Some douche parked in a no parking zone

    There are two people who have parked their cars along with boat trailers right outside my house in a place that clearly states 'boat trailers may not be parked here Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays'. They have taken all the parks and i'm not amused.

    what should i do GP?

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    Get that playas' car towed.

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    lol call the cops oi

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    Looks as though they drove around until they saw the sign, then parked there to piss you off. Also insulted your family.

    Definitely do a J``

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    I would tell on them.

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    Get them towed. Do you seriously need to ask?

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    J forums? Shit on his windscreen.

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    Totally get them towed. Ahaha, that'll be funny when the get back and have to float in the boat for ages.

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    lol, wagun

    defecate on his windscreen

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    Towed just seems so... bland..
    i want to do something a little spicy

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    What's the big deal? That sign doesn't even look official.
    My ear canals are very sensitive. They're stainless steel. Took a bullet in Corregidor. Passed straight through.

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    Eat a curry then get them towed then.

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    Ahhahaha it'l be lol when he gets back and has to float the boat for hours well he gets the car back..

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    TEDcomms wrote:
    Towed just seems so... bland..
    i want to do something a little spicy
    Curry would work well, yes.

    (before you shit all over his windscreen)

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    noresponse wrote:
    J forums? Shit on his windscreen.
    yeah, this

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    yea crap on the windscreen is out of the question, been done. and well done to him too

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    Take the wheels off his trailer

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    ahaha. wagun.

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    Eggs + Flour + Some Water... And some sugar.

    Why not. It'll be messy.

    Will say '**** you' quite well.

    Forum Whore Deluxe with Everything

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    You need to start a thread to figure out what to do in this situation

    Ring council, Tow them

    ... Also post owners reaction in the middle of the street

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    calling the council, maybe they can give me some advice..

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    Take the sign off and nail it to his bonnet?

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    Just tow them, and film them looking around all worried for ages. Speed it up and make it into a gif.

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    piss on his door handle

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