Debt Collecting for Noobs

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    BrockaLee wrote:
    FYI - Friday is the 14th, today is the 13th. No biggy, you already win ;D
    haha oh yeah, my bad

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    DAXtER wrote:
    Going by his facebook is he living at his parents now? Hes probably going to drag them into it to bail him out
    His parents are actually good people, so I don't want to hassle them too much, but it looks likely that they are going to bail him out

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    Salmon Salami wrote:
    It's after 5pm. Results?
    At their request, I am leaving it with the Police for a while, they seem confident that they can resolve it for me

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    Email received from Police on 19 May...

    Not good news he is very unhappy with you and will not budge. Mum not willing to help with this one.

    I will see what I can do tho
    And my reply...

    Yes I know he is unhappy with me, he told me he was going to file a complaint against me but I get that often in my line of work.

    I really donít mind if he doesnít want to pay because I will get it eventually, the only way I wont is if he leaves the country or goes bankrupt. I will be applying for an examination order hearing next and then for an attachment order from the Court to get money taken from his sickness benefit.

    I should probably advise you that I will be contacting him constantly over the next few weeks so he will more than likely make a complaint.

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    Subject: Payment
    Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 23:20:45 +1200


    You have failed to pay your judgment ordered by the Auckland District Court.

    I will now be applying to the Court to have an examination order served on you. If you do not turn up to the examination order hearing then a warrant for your arrest (you would be used to that by now) will be issued. If you try to avoid service, a substituted service order will be issued.

    I will then apply for an attachment order on your sickness benefit.

    Either way, I will get paid.
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    From: Brad McLaren []
    Sent: Sunday, 23 May 2010 2:29 p.m.
    Subject: RE: Payment

    Talk to my lawyer.
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    From: A&A []
    Sent: Sunday, 23 May 2010 6:17 p.m.
    To: 'Brad McLaren'
    Subject: RE: Payment

    No I wont, because I don’t need to.

    It is going to happen whether you like it or not, so you talk to your lawyer and if he/she exists and I am sure they will let you know that legally, you’re an idiot and cannot avoid it.

    I mean seriously, who just says “talk to my lawyer” when I have no idea who your lawyer is. You’re a ****ing idiot and I cannot even be bothered talking to you. Just ignore it you ****ing homo and see what happens.

    Now piss off.
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    I have now applied to the Court for an Examination Order - he will soon be served with a Summons to appear in Court and complete a 'Statement of Means' which is basically a form which says how much his expenses are versus how much he receives on his benefit.

    In the meantime, I have asked some associates in Masterton to stop in a few times a week to his parents house. Hope they don't wake him up

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    Konev wrote:
    woot updates.

    whats this about arrest warrents? was he the lollipop flasher?
    haha no, he was arrested for fraud

    Flanker wrote:
    so how much does he need to pay now? 1~2k? doesn't look like an apocalyptic amount to me... why not just pay the damn cash :confused: saves everyone lots of hassle
    yes it is $1347.00 - but will have another $180 tagged on that next week for an examination order

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    jasn wrote:
    Just read the whole thread today.. really impressive. Didn't know the system can be used so efficiently if you know what you're doing.

    Ever had any 'jobs' where the guy tries to put up some kind of fight?
    This guy is trying his best, or do you mean physically?

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    jasn wrote:
    Well he's not doing very well, this guys just an idiot..
    Anyone thats tried to use the system as well? or yeah physically? could make for a good story..
    I have had people try to defend them however I cannot recall anyone actually winning - but no one goes to the effort if they cannot win.

    As for physically, I have had a few moments where my sphincter has clenched up but thankfully not too many. I have had people attack me several times but nothing too serious, HEAPS of threats and have been trespassed from so many places I cant even remember. I don't know why tho because I am only the delivery boy.

    This case here is different as I have initiated the proceedings from the start - I generally only serve people.

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    This was some guy smashing up my old car with a piece of 4x2 (while I was in it)

    Attached Images

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    Mutton wrote:
    Was that the indian father/son combo?
    haha yeah that was the one

    RedNZ wrote:
    blood splatter?
    lol yes his eye got split open whilst trying to defend myself, so he went and got the 4x2 and bled over my car

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    RedNZ wrote:
    You are just born with the Win-gene i think. Id ask more about that confrontation, but dont wanna get side-tracked from this on-going Brad awesomeness
    Preachey wrote:
    I feel as if I have missed a brilliant story...

    New topic: "aar0n's endeavours"?
    lol there was a thread somewhere - I will see if I can find it

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    s2s2 wrote:
    I really don't understand why people can't just pay up I'm pretty sure it was only 200-300$ to start with now he's added another grand =\.
    I hope your "associates" get him scared enough to pay up. Ah well he's done it to himself.

    Do you ever get worried about someone destroying your property due to being Served by you etc? or even threatening your family?
    It was only $200 to start with.

    While I do have a young family, I don't worry about something like that - they would have to be pretty psycho already to want to hurt my family over serving them with documents. They can threaten me till the cows come home, it doesn't bother me.

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    I spoke with Brad on the phone tonight and we have come to a payment arrangement~

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    Brad has paid $200.00 so far, I am expecting some more at the end of the week~

    Once that one comes through, he is going to start an automatic payment of $50.00 per week

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    and $50pw takes ages

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    Tox1c wrote:
    Is he paying that $1300 back? Or the laptop money.

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    So anyway - the money has all been paid now (by his mum)

    He was also convicted and charged with several fraud offenses - he lost his job and now lives in Masterton permanently, with his mum and dad - nice one Brad

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    HOF ride GO!

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