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    Wasn't sure if this should go in the pics video lol thread or here.
    Political so I'll put it here.

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    Quite a good article on Atheism and its failure to stop the growth of religion.

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    A security specialist looks into the methods used online intelligence gatherers and how it effects online security as a whole

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    KiwiTT wrote:
    Quite a good article on Atheism and its failure to stop the growth of religion.
    Not a very good article at all actually... and atheism is on the rise not decline in all western civilisations, it's parts of the Middle East, Asia and Africa that are the worries for religion still rising...

    Have a read of this for a concise rebuttal...

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    Christianity was invented by Constantine -

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    How the wealthy influence US politics -

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    Who really owns our banks.

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    Looks like a good environment for competition.

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    You've got Kiwibank, TSB, Heartland and ASB all under different leadership structures.

    But ultimately why are you surprised that the worlds largest financial institutions own most of the financial institutions around the world?

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    That picture doesn't represent the ownership of the australian banks at all anyway. Those represent the custodial holdings. The actual owners of the shares are the customers of HSBC, JP Morgan etc. For example in the case of Westpac there are NO individual shareholders or companies that own more than 5% of the stock. Standard kiwiTT post tbh.

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    Read all the current conspiracy theories on this neat newsfeed -!/1

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    If you're interested in Propaganda, Power and Politics, have a read of this. It's very insightful.

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    Seems an interesting site for those who have time like me.

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    Magic Weapons -- Chinese influence on NZ politics --- well worth a read.