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    falco wrote:
    I'm pretty sure there's a dislike of interracial marriages in most black communities too, but entirely open to being proven wrong.

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    1/3 of the worlds wealth is to be found in tax havens.

    The majority of offshore wealth is managed by 50 banks. As of September 2009 these banks accounted for $10.8 trillion of offshore assets--72% of the industry's total. The busiest 10 of them manage 40%.

    In other words the real tax haven problem is not tiny islands on the periphery of the system. The real problem is a global industry of pirate banking, made possible by the best lawyers, accountants and lobbyists money can buy. When you hear "tax haven," you shouldn't think of the Cayman Islands. Instead, picture institutions like JPMorgan Chase, UBS, Credit Suisse, etc..

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    We've always been at war with Eurasia, luckily God is omnisicent enough to keep track of and protect/smite the many and varied U.S. fingers in diplomatic pies of the world. What better way to justify strategic foreign policy?

    "That land over there is yours, you'll go back to it one day, because your fight will prevail, and you will have your homes and your mosques back again, because your cause is right and God is on your side." -- Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Part of a CNN doco on the Soviets in Afghanistan

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    Macros wrote:
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    That's so weird. It works when I click it from my bookmarks.

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    Murakami wrote:
    That's so weird. It works when I click it from my bookmarks.
    It's GP's swear filter that is the problem.
    Interesting article.

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    This might be better here than OD - Iconic photo done in colour;

    If anyone doesn't already know the back story:

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    Heres the current day equivalent

    The mainstream media denounces crackdowns on Iranian bloggers, yet ignores attacks on activists in Tunisia.

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    A really interesting read about homosexuality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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    stuff wrote:
    Richard Winters, leader of a US Army infantry company made famous by the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, has died at the age of 92, colleagues and media executives said on Monday.

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    Jon Stewart's great speech on the recent Arizona shooting:

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    ( -- In the last 10 days astronomers have counted at least 25 comets on the NASA SOHO Spacecraft, plunging into the Sun. It could mean a larger one ahead.

    These comets could be part of a larger comet, according to astronomers. The comet may come without notice, much like the cosmic visitor named Comet Ikeya-Seki in 1965, which was seen in broad daylight and came without warning.

    One candidate would be the newly discovered Comet
    2010 X1 Elenin, which comes very close to our planet in the Fall of 2011. The comet will be so bright you can see it with the unaided eye even in a small city.

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    How can one comic be full of so much win?

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    HOLY SHIT! Never seen a war photo like that

    This is pretty strange.

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    New Zelanaders are a non-racist bunch, devoid of stereotypes and all that stupid stuff that goes on in that silly America..

    Oh wait.....

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