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    I just made a whole blog about her eating habits yesterday. What more do you want from me!?

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    I want you to tie it into FFXIII, more plasma MORE PLASMA

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    Chapter 10 is so far the worst chapter in this entire game. Yes worse then the chapter when you are stuck controlling garglespit as leona incessantly sings to you on a loop.
    There is no story here, this is a tedious grind fest the characters try to make it like they are exploring but they aren't, nothing of interest catches their eyes except for giant monsters that forge swords that if you ignore are extremely annoying.
    And then two of them don't even fight you.

    Eventually you run into Cid who just happens to be standing around inside this place, that they cant find a way out of mind you. They don't think to find out how he got in there.
    Snow tells the guys its ok, but Fang shuts him up and accuses Cid of being evil. He smirks and Lightning loses her shit and tries to cut him, but he takes away her sword with his forearm.
    Then he reveals he is a l'cie, they gasp, Hope repeats the thing he just said. He has been working with Barthandalus to make sure these guys would hurt everyone.
    We've been played for fools, says Fang. Um guys, this isn't new information, Barthandalus already told you this, remember how your focus was to become ragnarok and kill everyone? Then Hope repeated it, and then you ended up here and were worried about it. Oh whatever.
    At least this explains why there is a branch of the army dedicated to helping pulse l'cie. Seriously guys, that was weird.

    Cid tells them why they need to kill, to bring back the maker with a glorious and bloody sacrifice. He talks about how the maker created fal'cie and humans but the only images shown are recycled images of Eidolons. Hmm. More research needed but something is up there.

    Snow asks him what happened to his dream, Cid says that he had a dream of protecting people, but then he stopped being one. 'You became a l'cie?' asks Vaanille. YES! He just told you this! He confirms this and they gasp.
    I get it, the dude is a l'cie.
    Vanille decides that hey maybe they just wont do anything at all, and then people wont die and everyones plans are ruined.
    Cid sees this as noble and decides to kill them because they have inspired him to fight his focus. What, no they havent. Everything they have done has been a part of their focus, they just didn't know that.

    So then he kills them. Again and again and again and again.
    It is quite embarrassing how much this dude kills me, I have never had this much trouble with a boss since 4th time riku clone. You cant whittle down his health while struggling to keep your health because that takes to long and this game doesn't want you to take too long so casts doom on you without telling you that this is one of the rules. And then he only needs to get a lucky hit in on the leader while the healers are being slow and stupid and then thats game.
    ARGH, this battle system is flawed.

    Eventually after grinding for an hour or so, and by grinding I mean walking from to the last save and back again, twice. And playing around with many many paradigms. I finally found a combo that worked for me.
    Fang as leader, Lightning and Hope.
    Com Rav Syn for the start of the battle, I never use it again because he takes them off too fast.
    Sab Com Rav for when he puts all those buffs on him. And when he is in stagger.
    Sen Med Med for when he casts beautiful sunrise
    Com Rav Med for main damage.
    Sab Med Med for when he casts all those buffs on him and doesn't go into guard mode.
    Thanks to Ramza for telling me that not using com causes the stagger meter to drop rapidly.

    So then finally he is defeated.
    He turns into crystal, but he didn't complete his focus. This depresses(?) Snow and he walks away. Then he disintegrates so I don't think it was a good thing.
    Hooray, surely a boss as annoyingly difficult as this would be the end of the chapter. No, no my reward is so much more dungeon to crawl through.

    And annoying bird dancing monsters, and annoying sludge monsters that merge and become harder to kill monsters. And annoying robots that are meant to be fighting the other monsters but they all just seem to attack me instead. And annoying beasts that get on their feet and replenish their health. And annoying giant beasts that make swords.
    It goes on like this for another hour or so. Every save point i reach I feel like is the end and then the expanse keeps on going, and I yell 'Come on!'
    There are no cut scenes, only monsters coming out of walls, they're coming out of the goddamn walls.
    Nuke the site from orbit its the only way to be sure.

    Finally we reach a door that slams shut behind us and then we are trapped at a dead end or something,
    They all talk about how they don't want to kill cocoon, and Snow tells them that they don't have to, thats what Serah and Cid was trying to tell them. Um Cid was trying to kill you. Also he has your girlfriend and now he is dead there is no way for you to know where she is.
    He tries to rally them to fight their focus with them, Vanille is down with that, thats been her plan from the start, she failed miserably.
    Even the chocobo agrees, and when a chocobo agrees you know you are on the right path.
    Screw the chocobo says Fang, she doesn't want to see Vanille become a cie'th, she will kill them all before that happens! Okay...
    Then her arm explodes and Jazzhands pops out to kill her. Piss off she says, I don't need you pity kills. The others protect her from its attacks, and she asks why? Because we are friends and we fight together, will you fight with us? She grabs lightnings hand and Vanille gargles spit behind them.

    Oh god damn it, now my party has Vanille in it. And all the paradigms are different and stupid.
    So I die.
    I switch Hope out and replace him with Vanille so I can set my Paradigms, but when I skip all the scenes it goes into the menu and I ignore it not realising that the game has helpfully switched my paradigms for me. Great.
    So I die again.

    Ok, this time I switch my paradigms when I go into the menu after skipping the scenes.
    From the last two battles I noticed Jazz hands has a pattern. Float up to fang and beat the shit out of her, mostly once and then he floats back to his spot and stands around for a moment. But sometimes he does it twice and thats how I die. So close to 'defeating' him as well
    So this time, Com Rav Rav when he is standing, switch to Sen Med Med when he floats up, then switch back to Com Rav Rav when Fang hits the ground.
    This works well, and then Jazzhands is mine, and he turns into a plane.

    Fang gets over her sudden angst and a new path is formed, the gang takes it and they come across an airship. And a gateway to gran pulse. Thats, convenient.
    Sazh who hasn't said much of anything this entire time, and I forgot he was even there, says that he can fly the ship and they can control where they go with his muscles.
    They all decide to go and Lightning askes Hope what about his father. What about him? Really Lightning is now the time to guilt trip an unstable child? Show and Sazh 'eeeee' in the background and Hope goes on this gint rant about how he needs to keep moving forward and make choices even if they are bad ones.
    They are all moved by his speech. Hope tells them that Pulse is hell, which chuffs Fang. Is it now? She says with her elbow.

    So they all fly into the green thing, which takes them into a lightshow and then to gran pulse. Where the monstes get bigger and bigger and bigger. Dear god that magma thing is huge.
    Then the red carpet has teeth shows up, and differing from FF10 they dont get out on the wing to fight it, they all fall out of the airship, so Fang summons Jazzhands via Lightning shooting at it, how the hell can she summon him if Lightning is needed?
    Anyway he comes in as a plane and they all ride him to safety leaving me to wonder why they didn't just take him in the first place.

    Chapter 11
    So they land safe enough, and apparently spen days searching for people and a way to fight their focus, this is represented by a cut scene of them walking through one ruin.
    They set up camp in the dead end of a valley, Hope collects coconuts and almost kills the chocobo but it survives because there was a hole in the coconut.
    Vanille wakes up from a dream, a strange one. Gran Pulse!
    Light, Sazh and Snow come back from somewhere saying how there are no people anywhere.
    The chocobo shows up and tells Vanille that Hopes brand is something. GASP
    They all run to find hope. Through a pile of monsters down a linear path. Damn.
    They let Hope go down this path alone? What were they thinking? This place is tediously filled with monsters.
    They find hope dead. Or sleeping.
    He has a sudden change of heart and mind as they all do for no reason, and decides he doesn't want to see them get hurt because of him so forget his stupid speech from before.

    And thus Xylophunk appears to help him out of his phunk.
    Lightning finally realises that Eidolons don't want to kill you, they want you to get over your random bullshit angst for no reason.
    So they fight him, with Hope as the leader OK.
    Well the first time goes about as well as planned, what with Paradigms being selected for me. Way too many sentinel fangs and medic hopes. Healing does impress xylophunk but not as much as attacking. So I almost get to the full bar but I run out of doom. Darn.
    Next time skipping the scenes takes me into the menu so I can adjust my paradigms. I only need two for this fight.
    Rav Rav Com and Med Med Sen
    But Xylophunk has other pans, and he bashes me into the ground twice and I die. That was a 5 second battle. Um...
    Ok set the paradigms again, this time starting with a Syn Rav Com so I can withstand the beat downs a little bit more.
    Once protect is set up, all I have to do is switch ti RRC to attack and quckly shift to MMS when he attacks me. And thus Xylophunk is tames.
    And then he turns into something. A discotech?

    Thus Vanille decides it is time to take them to her last name Oerba, which Hope knows about for some reason.
    They step out into the Steppe and the game opens up significantly.
    Oh and there is a creepy cie'th stone trapped in living death who needs them to kill a flan of some sort.

    Never underestimate the power of flan.

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    Hahahahahaha, there's no plasma but the cat (salem?) made up for it

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    Hey so now that i'm not trapped in a hallway I actually can be bothered playing this game the next day. Astounding.
    So wow ok this first area is large and takes a long time to explore, exploration consists of me discovering which enemies kill me (anything bigger then a wolf), loved the caravan fight.

    'Oh man how long will I last?' Footstep. Death. '2 seconds. Nice.'

    Basically I just looked for the next save point and headed in that direction as there tended to be a save point before each mark.
    Electroflan goes down easy but I guess not good enough, one star.

    The next cie'th corpse wakes up and tells me about a wolf, and its other wolves, and I wonder how I got to see a picture of the electroflan last time.
    The map is incredibly useful, it shows me where dormant cieth are, where the mark is and where save points are. I am not a fan of it twisting around as I change direction, makes it a tad strange to find my bearings.

    So I run for ages and then find the wolves. The battle could have gone better but I didn't die. 0 stars. Whatever.
    Then it turns out that after all that running I was actually not far away from the pond anyway. And where the hell are the chocobos?

    During my exploration I come across a mass amount of death machines, but at lest they are peaceful creatures, and easy enough to avoid. Unless a wolf is nearby then the wolf drags me into a caravan fight and I die. Yay.

    Anyways I get ontop of a ledge and sudden random cutscene. Sazh really want's to try a dildont out for himself, and he chases it around but it runs away and he says next time green...guy...
    Then I find one standing behind us and fight it.
    Here I notice Hope casting augments onto my weapons so I do fire damage as a commando. Neat. Long battle, but easy enough. 8000 crystal points too. Meh.

    There is a cutscene spot in the middle of the map through a valley where monstrous beasts are wrassling, I decide not to go there because my latest corpse wants me to kill a bigger wolf. Way back past where Hope was unconcious. Since the gang were heading away from that region I suspect that I wont progress the story forward if I go back there. So I do.

    Oh also, the datalog gave me information I don't even have yet. Vanille transformed into Ragnorok 1000 years ago and tried to destroy cocoon already, failed and was rewarded a crystal sleep. This information hasn't been revealed yet you stupid game. Thanks for the spoiler.

    So anyways I go back to the begginning of Pulse and then it seems to stretch onwards forever in that direction too. Yay?
    There is a giant wolf here and I fight it, two stars. Getting better.
    Then I 'stumble' into a cutscene (I use quotes because the map tells me there is one in that area) Hope is thinking about Kismet, how him being there on Pulse wouldnt have happened unless all the right pieces of the puzzle had fallen into place.

    Vanille tells him yeah he would because she is crazy and he promised her he would. Huh? He says. Then she admits to being a giant liar and how she cant even keep track of all her giant blatant lies anymore, and he's like yeah thats cool. It's what you do after a lie to make it true so it isn't a lie that really matters.
    Awesome lesson.

    Then he hits on her and she is horrified and he laughs at her to mask his rejection.

    Afterwards, I find a teleport cie'th but it wont teleport me unless I kill something with one eye, and then it probably wont do anything until I find a second one anyway. Sigh.

    Also, the suicide pact ring of death cie'th are beyond disturbing.

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    Those little penguin bird things are awesome for xp grinding btw. They are at the western ish end of Gran Pulse.


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    The other night I took my kitten Plasma over to a friends house, this house has two giant fluffy cats who were indifferent to the arrival of this intruder.
    Plasma on the other hand flipped her personality a thousand degrees and hissed and growled at everything and everyone.

    So these cats would just be sitting on a couch minding their own business, and Plasma would run up to them and start hissing and growling just because there was a cat there, later this would get annoying and the other cats would hiss back.

    This is FF13 in a nutshell, you spend your entire life on a tiny little world that is largely comprised of hallways and then you end up on a huge expanse with all these strange creatures roaming about minding their own business. So what do you do? You run up to them, and attack them.
    Then you get pissed at the bigger ones who end you. You learn to avoid those ones, and you proceed to mercilessly slaughter everything else over and over again. Just like a kitten.

    And the respawn time is excruciatingly quick.
    It's a huge pain at the Yassiff Blablas, when you only have one path that you have to go back and forward on to get your mark, and fighting those giant flans over and over again.
    But a huge blessing with those penguin things, only a couple of hours of sickness time filling and all main grids maxed out, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

    Right so Mark 4 is where I left it so Mark 4 is where I begin, ugh do I really have to recount every mark? I'll give it a go, I need to refer to the game to find out my rankings, I should write these down in the future.
    This was the penguin one, and it wasn't hard though I recall it summoning a giant wolf to end me which did make things a little difficult and I thought that the giant wolf was the actual mark and I groaned at the FF12 ish nature but the guide I'm looking at for reference reminders doesn't refer to a wolf so I guess not. Phew.
    Zero stars. Oh well

    So the next stone activates close by I think some guy wanting to kill his wife, all the way in the other area of Massif Yakcasha. Easy enough.
    3 stars.

    The 6th stone is a way stone hooray! I can use it to teleport back to the start I guess. Kind of convenient. But not really.
    This one was the munchkin one, I liked fighting munchkins because they were the easiest things to kill at these point and they gave off 2000 cp and they respwaned near each other all the time, I made a note of this to level up here if I needed to.
    But I never did.
    Anyways this mark was especially funny to me because theres a battle exactly the same on the way to the cieth stone and then again on the way to the mark and then again on the way back from the mark. Why was this l'cie such a huge failure? in fact a lot of these guys end up giving up right around where their marks are. Poor fools.
    5 stars. Oh yeah. This will be the only 5 stars I get. So relish in it now.

    A cutscene occurs at the city ruins, either now or before the previous mark who cares. Vanille reveals that she turned into Ragnarok, finally. And that she would have hated everyone back then, Fang cant remember why she turned to crystal, Vanille can but won't say, only saying that it is her fault everyone died. Lightning tells her not to worry so much, dead is dead. Lets save the people who are alive today.
    It is very possible to miss all this, so I guess that's why it just gets dumped in your datalog for no reason.

    There are a ton of cieth walking about the place but I avoid them to activate the cieth stone, ooh its a green one. And green apparently means boss battle? Its a special mark anyway. The first undying, which is what Vayne's ultimate form is correct?
    Its this flying thing with spatulas for wings, its tricky but not deadly.
    2 stars.
    Then it falls down on a platform, child cieth stones wake up and shoot it into a crystal blob for some reason. And thats the end of that.

    Looks like I'm finally done here, time to head back to the central expanse, but wait it looks like theres a new cutscene available in this map, oh its probably just showing me the way out as it does some times. I use the teleport ceith but notice that the cutscen is still there. UGH. It's right in the middle of the two way stones, these things are useless.
    Trudging my way to that area and fighting wyverns and shitty annoying giant flans and their flowers. I make it to the spot, where some crazy ass monster fly past them. It's a fal'cie and its not named after an old summon. It's home is apparently close to Oerba so following it is the way to go. I never see it again. So far.
    Now I have to fit past those damn flans again. ARGH stay dead for more then a second please.

    On to the 8th mission, which is another waystone. Wait, this should have been the FIRST waystone, why should I care about teleporting here? There is nothing of interest here. Damn it.
    So its one of those mexican fighting birds and some ****ing flans who get in the way, No biggie.
    3 stars

    Back out onto the central expanse once more, the next stone is just a corpse throw away and its mission is a Kaiser Behmoth. But I cant even kill the standard behemoth that run around gayly. Unless maybe now I am strong enou- nope.
    How am I going to do this? I end the game at this point but that was several days ago. At this point I am saying 'Where are the damn chocobos!?'

    Turns out Kaiser Behemoth isn't so bad after all. 3 stars.

    The next stones fly by in a haze of flu season, but a trusty guide will help jog my memory some more.
    Number 10 is a robot, and was average at best I suppose.
    3 stars.

    The 11th stone is in a horrible place, there are giant wolves and behemoths all over the place, there is a path through them but it takes a couple of retries to figure out. Apparently this one was penguins again, and while killable I apparently didn't do it well enough.
    1 star.

    I remember that I found a lot of these stones out of order but didn't do their missions out of order, which meant a lot of running around until I found the next damn stone in line. Number 12 is a red stone, which is actually the boss battle stone I guess. It says that these battles are going to be furiously hard and you don't have to do them. Screw you.

    It's another undying, and while impressive looking he wasn't that hard at all, easier then the penguins apparently. He didn't end up in a crystal blob thing. Inconsistency!
    3 stars.

    XIII stone is a goblin one, yay. It would have been cooler if the undying was this one then it could be a game reference thing. Oh well.
    These guys aren't weak against elements but are exactly the same as the munchkins.
    3 stars.

    The 14th's stone wants me to go into that once barricaded area where the red stone stood guard. I just hope it isn't another huge corridor like Yassi Mastaba. It isn't? Hooray!
    It starts off as a corridor and it hits a cutscene where Sazh notices a stench, a wonderful stench, chocobos! HOORAY
    These things are wild, with their untamed neck plaits. Sazh sets his chicobo down with the others, but it tumbles around and makes a fool of itself. Sazh decides to leave it there and it beats the shit out of him. Not until the fat kid wakes up, dick.
    Fang watches this whole thing and he is embarrassed, she tries to apologize about what happened to Dahj and he waves her off, it was his fault for not keeping an eye on him, so he'll let her off for that.
    She tells him he is starting to sound like a better father everyday. Bitch. She is so awesome.

    I try to save at the save point before the battle, but it doesn't let me and and just chucks me into a battle. Against sahagins which goes well enough in that I don't die. But not according to the rules.
    1 star.

    And now I have access to chocobos!
    So I spend the next hour or so getting all that unobtainable treasure and discovering another area that leads to sheep, and Vanille rips a chunk of wool out of one for NO REASON. The path keeps on going and eventually I reach another red barrier thing. Great.

    Mission 15 it is.
    The goblins are in that horrible area with the wolves and behemoths, the chocobo makes it easier to avoid them all, and the goblins go down smoothly.
    These marks are starting to get repetitive.
    3 stars.

    I call it a day here, but there is still another session to go through.

    Onto mission 16, a yellow one. Oooh. But yellow doesn't mean anything at all. Aww.
    And here it is, here is the mission I could not beat. Over and over and over again. Different combinations, different characters. Nothing, there were just too many lizards. And they would make my actions stall and then no one would heal me and I would die.
    I didn't want to end up having to grind until I came to a mission I couldn't beat naturally.

    And so the grinding began. Beating the ever loving crap out of penguins for hours.
    This couldn't have come at a better time, I was so sick yesterday that I couldn't sleep, but I couldn't do anything else either except mindlessly stare at the tv.
    And when my options were fresh prince of bel-air and a movie I had seen several times, or penguin grinding. I chose penguin grinding.

    I ended up working out the best two groups of penguins to alternate with and just ran back and forth over and over, hitting auto battle and not really paying attention to anything.

    Once everyone had maxed out all three main grids and Sazh maxed his out way faster then everyone else, interesting.
    I was also ready to put more of an effort into the game, brain having recharged or something.

    So back to the Sahgins I went. Still a challenge but not a horrible, oh god there is no way to win this challenge.
    3 stars. Awesome.

    Finally I could attempt stone 17, a waystone guarded by a fighting giant wolf and behemoth, easy enough to avoid but I wanted to see if I could kill them yet. I could, hooray.

    The 17th mission was a robot, who blocked everything and dealt a lot of damage, so I just sabotaged his stagger up while 2 medics healed me and then beat him to death when he staggered.
    1 star. Oh whatever that was a perfect strategy.

    No more stones were activated, except number 54 and I ain't even trying that one until I chronologically reach it. I decided to check out that other red stone just in case the map didn't show me because it was a secret stone or some bullshit.
    It hadn't activated, but I did stumble onto an Ochu boss battle.
    All my leveling didn't help with this one, it revives its stupid babies. Bah.
    Good to know I haven't broken the game and that it is still annoyingly impossible to win things, that would make for a sad experience.

    So with nothing else to do, I decide it must be time to leave this place, fearing that i haven't done everything,.But perhaps I can come back here. I don't know how big this chapter is.

    So I finally let the gang find that tunnel, and they go in and learn that tunnels are made by a fal'cie who likes to make tunnels. What uncaring dicks they muse, but fang correct them, her home was built on land cleared by a fal'cie they coexist together just like the snobs on cocoon, get over yourselves.

    There are robots here that are super easy to beat thanks to my levels, I would say whoops but I am glad I can play a game where every single encounter isn't a giant undertaking and since the respawn time is after the next battle, it makes for some less frustrating beck tracking. it's about time.

    I stumble upon a giant machine boss battle of death, show isn't so bad after all, it wastes a ton of time steam cleaning, and when anything staggers is when I go into DEATH MODE. After its death a cieth stone is seen, it's dormant but I am relieved to know that there are future cieth stones and I am not missing anything by progressing.

    The gang make it to a bridge and Atomos comes rolling about, he is a big ball with orange spikes, like a chicken. He makes things rumble, and is the music changing? Its too rumbly to be sure. They decide they will hitch a ride, 'now you are thinking with Pulse' says Fang.

    And hey there is a waystone here, and this one is actually going to be a convenience, unlike that stupid base camp one because I can teleport back to the start of here instead of having to back track from a later point so i can teleport back here. Good.

    And the mark is just around the corner also good. There a robots in the way and they are the type to summon more robots but its a non issue. And the actual mission is exactly the same except the robot general has more health. But is also a non issue.
    3 stars.

    Instead of backtracking to save my game I decide to just press on, I love that the flans here are now easily slaughtered. Oh it fills me with such joy.
    The save point I reach is in a flower filled fissure that everyone says is pretty. Hope suggests we rest here a while and I agree.

    Edit: Man, I go to look at the Official FF13 thread and everyone is still way ahead of me on page 7, and its March 14. I am so old news.

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    Ok so the first thing that happens next is Fang tells Vanille that she remembers becoming Ragnarok, Vanille screams denial at her and and eidolon whose name I couldn't read shows up. Hectochair or something.
    Wasn't there a screen shot way back showing Vanille with a Carbuncle? I always thought it was weird they were saving carbuncle till last, and that their was a fal'cie named carbuncle that looked nothing like the stuffed animal carbuncle that little girl had. So yeah, weird.

    Ok, hang on my cat is meowing incessantly at NOTHING. Ugh she just wanders around the house wailing, this time she was meowing at the toilet.

    Anyways the fight with Hectochair is also annoying, in charge of Vanille, with only Fang as company. It'd be much easier to build up chains if there was someone else with us.
    After several attempts I discover that sabotaging is much more effective at building up the gauge so I switch between sab com and med com until the job is done.
    Then Hectochair turns into Rikku's Machina Maw.

    Fang confronts Vanille about lying to her, and then she gets ready to punch her in the face, and I urge her to do it gleefully. She just gives her a playful tap and then Vanille cries and cries because this entire game is her fault.
    Now the datalog has two conflicting entires. Argh.

    They move on from here, hitching a ride on atomos.
    After some juggernauts starting helping them for no reason, the power of teamwork, inspirational stuff. Thanks old man. Am I the only one concerned that the thing is spinning? How are they going to do this? Oh they go inside him, but not in his center, huh? And why doesn't he want to kill them, all the other fal'cie seem to. Then it actually waits for you to hop back inside if you want, aww, how nice.
    I was also sad not to have a Hope in a juggernaut mini game sequence again. Oh well, vile peaks all over again Lightning says to people who weren't there.

    At the otherside they come across some springs, Snow starts doing the KH2 thing, looking at the blue crystal that fell off his trophy wife.
    Vanille asks him what he's doing and he says just talking to Serah. Oh Kay.
    She reveals that she had met Serah before, on the beach, Serah told her that running away doesn't show people you care, and that sticking around and seeing things through is they way to go. This would be a great scene if it happened now, but the revelation Vanille has here doesn't matter because she ignored it until now. Bah.

    She tells Snow that Serah must have shared the same focus and found away to escape it by giving them the focus, he says yeah I know. As does everyone else!

    Ceith 19 is in this cave and is also a waystone, yay I guess.
    It's a bunch of wolves and theres nothing more to say there.
    5 stars. Wooh.

    After the falls, the gang come to a place to set up camp for the night, I suppose it has been a very long day.
    For some reason this scene is an FMV. I suppose its for trailers. The grass looked really weird. Anyways both Snow and Lightning talk to Serah proving that everyone has lost their minds, Lightning demands to know if Snow is going to marry Serah, this really comes out of nowhere but is justified because the crystalized tear of a women miles away is talking to them.
    Then they say some more stuff out hope and focus and ending the world bla bla bla.

    After this they come across a pillar, oh its a tower, and its where Dahaka the flying thingy from before is, we have to climb that to get to Oerba. Hooray, I hope its not like FF12s tower. Thankfully it isn't.

    Mission 20 are some goblins (again), and another way stone, yay who needs Atomos at all anymore?
    And 5 stars. I'm on a roll.

    So Taejin's Tower is a weird place, with moving floors and excruciatingly long elevator sequences, why do I need to see inside the elevator as its going up everytime? Why?
    There are statues here and they want to help us, they also have missions for us. But they aren't cieth but these still count as cieth missions and are unskippable.

    Every so often Dakaha will show up and block a path that the statues end up clearing, but the second time they end up clearing a path that wasn't even there when we started helping them. Weird.
    Then they die, and Vanille is saddened by them being sad. WHAT DOES IT MEAN.
    Their missions are boring and easy to find. Up and down and up again, fight fight fight.

    I haven't had a break in 6 hours but I will for Giant Flan.
    3 stars.

    Robot Accordian and his pink robots
    3 stars

    Horrible chinchilla thing.
    0 stars. Yeah that only hurt while staggered thing will do that.

    Some kind of pink bee and its mexican bird dancers.
    5 stars.

    Horrible cieth with a forcefield.
    5 stars. Take that bitch.

    Bats. Lots of bats, that once were people. Final Fantasy 1 reference!
    3 stars

    Finally we make it to the top, Dahaka has had pieces of its tail chopped off during our ascent, and now it was time to chop off the rest. I guess this counts as his second form , so we only fight him once.
    Nothing hard, standard battle really. Once staggered he just lies there and sab com rave builds up his stagger nicely. Sab med med for maintenance of both the stagger bar and our health.
    He dies for good, and the gang don't even care that they killed a god. Apparently according to the catalog this one didn't do anything, so its ok.

    The statues seem happy about it and they thank us and tell us they are free and have more things to kill elsewhere. Still fighting the fight.
    Hey don't forget, says Lightning, we are still fighting the fight also. Um ok.
    There isn't really much of a story going on here guys, maybe you should murder things with more repercussions or something. This is a pretty boring resolution to the tower sequence. It's not even a load bearing boss. Bah.

    Then Sazh looks over the side (boy did he cease to be relevant after getting brindlebra) and they notice that Oerba is long dead. Well it has been 1000 years so that's to be expected, apparently the tower we climbed has always been chopped in half like this because Vanille and Fang didn't even bat an eye.

    But before we go ruin everyones hope, theres one more mission to do. And its a yellow one.
    I unlock tier seven before even trying to go find the mark but I cant figure out how to get into the middle. it takes me a while, but I actually read the mission and learn that I need to travel from the apex to the ground. So I do that. Then I die.

    This was not an easy fight, this cieth is brutal I can't even set up buffs without it slaughtering me, so a change in paradigms is in order. Same people Fang Light Hope.
    Med Med Syn - to put on all the buffs I can and stay alive while doing so
    Sab Com Rav - to debuff and build up stagger, no sab move works on this thing. Oh well.So I end up switching to Com Com Rav for damage and stagger build up
    Med Med Sab - to keep health and stagger up

    Theres a lot of switching going on in this battle, especially to maintain all the protections and health, the entire time I worry I am going too slow and doom will be cast on me. It isn't and I eventually whittle its health down.
    0 stars. I'll take it.

    Once all that business is taken care of I hop on the elevator out of here, which then continues to roll down a mountain, uh huh…
    It's a snow place, except not really this is actually crystal dust. That I think comes from cocoon after Fang failed at being Ragnarok.

    Good spot to end the session, on the edge of Oerba.

    I don't understand why these mission cie'th stones weren't implemented throughout the entire game. They didn't even have to be cie'th until pulse, they could have used something else as they did with the statues.
    The dungeon crawling and exploration is so much more interesting when you have mini targets and missions to do along the way.

  9. Post
    Right, let's get this next herd of teal deer out for all to marvel at.
    So I enter Oerba and they ask Vanille which house is hers, 'what do you mean?' She asks, 'they all are, we all lived together.'
    But you guys have different clan tags which must mean you were grouped in someway, you aren't making any sense.

    Then we do go to her house and we find her stupid robot, which survived all this time to wait for her return and then die. Wait why does she have a robot? judging by their clothes and weapons I thought they were more of an in tune with nature people. Oh whatever.
    Sazh says he can fix it because he is good with ancient robots from a world he had feared and hated his entire life, so we go collect some parts. Ugh, the cieth here are giant pains to fight over and over, not cause they are hard but ecause they take forever to kill.
    Mission 28 is also here, another waystone, a bunch of pink lizards. A welcome change of pace from all this cieth fighting. 3 stars.

    Eventually we find all the damn pieces, even though I thought the save point at the destination point was the end of the level so I was running back and forward trying to find the last piece for half an hour beforee giving up and finding the last piece up the stairs and then I had to go back to her house. Argh.

    The robot gives me useless tips like, doing cieth missions open up new cieth missions. And hey did you know the dinosaur things are turtles. I unlock Pulsian Pioneer but these trophies mean nothing to me.
    And I get a bunch of items. Yawn, I am quite terrible at this upgrading thing, all the writing is too tiny and I don't care.

    So we start heading down the highway?! I hope this is all setting up FFvs13 in some way, like it's set amongst all these ruins as non ruins in the past or something, because right now it makes no sense.
    We head down this highway for no reason, the gang decided to head to Oerba to find a way to get rid of their brands, but there is no Oerba so they've up on that, and thats it. There is no reason to keep moving forward other then the game tells us to.
    We should be chasing the image of Serah or something, not just moving forawrd for the sake of moving forward.

    So yeah we get to the end and Serah starts narrating, but she isn't really she is actually standing right there. Sazh is the first to be suspicious but I think its because he hates relations between white people. She tells them that she watched them for ages and waited for them to open their eyes and now they can save cocoon together. This freaks Snow out, for some reason. She only said what he's always been saying, but hearing it from his fiancee means that she is not her. Whatever.
    Lightning gets ready to stab her, but Serah says that she cant because she loves her. Then Lightnings name is revealed as Claire. None of the characters react to this missing out on hilarity. No wonder she changed her name, it is the most normal name in the game barring Cid.
    Why not Clere? They had no problems messing with Sarah.

    Anyways Serah is actually Dysley who is actually Barthandalus, at least they don't freak out about that part. He tells him that Cocoon is ready to kill itself because he resigned as Primarch but still wears the outfit, and he made Cid Primarch instead.
    Two reactions, damn it why doesn't anyone in this game stay dead!? Its as futile as the characters destiny.
    Secondly, why Cid? Why not Breathy Librarian? The bodyguard. Where the hell is she anyway? Did she actually die back at Code Fanta? Weak.

    So we fight him, and he is much easier then the first time around. The crystarium expands and grants access to powerful attacks which I guess are the games version of limit breaks, except you can spam them all you like if you wanted to. Remember overclocking? What happened to that?

    Dysley stays dead for about one second again, BAH, and grants them access to Cocoon in his fancy owl ship and they thank him uneasily. There is a cieth stone here, but it doesn't grant a mission it just tells them what everyone else is telling them. They must destroy cocoon because Dysley is a dick, and Her word is absolute.

    Now I have a choice, head back to Pulse and see if there are new mission available, and grind up my crystarium, or move on with the game. I decide to go back to Pulse but then see I have to slog through those damn Cieth battles to get to the waystone so screw that. On with the game.

    I find it funny that Pulse is more of a training ground for Cieth then the Arks that are apparently scattered about Pulse and are designed as training grounds.

    Chapter 12
    Woah, epic FMV. It starts at Eden where people are about to start racing and then start racing on their cool hover bikes. In the middle of the race the gang charge in on their Eidolons and break the shit out of everything. It is counter intuitive to their purpose to convince people to listen to them but it looks cool so yeah.

    My biggest problem with this scene is it isn't earned.

    They learned absolutely nothing on Gran Pulse, it was just a place from them to wander about aimlessly until Dysley tells them to go back to Cocoon and they decide to just to spite him.
    This crashing the party means nothing, whose party is it, why should we care.

    If you ask me, this game should have started at Eden. Lightning was a Guardian Corps General and their HQ is in this city, there could have been racing mini games and Guardian Corps missions, and then she gets dispatched to Bodhum and the rest of the game (but better) happens.
    The return to Eden would be much more significant, and poignant. People we would have talked to at the start of the game would now be in danger but also hating Lightning and co.
    Things would matter.
    Then learning that the heart of Eden, the place we called home, is actually whatever it turns out to be would have a bigger impact.

    But hey pretty graphics. Its not all bad. So yeah Pulse creatures from the Ark beneath the city show up and destroy things. But these are all Pulse creatures from a different ark because we never fought any of those before. Whatever.

    The gang move to edge of the platform the ended up on and wonder how they are going to get down. Oh remember Lightnings gravity thingy, yeah me neither, well now she has six of them so they all jump off theatrically and land safely, except Vanille she falls on her bottom.
    Its how people get around in Cocoon, Fang tells her. It's how Light gets around in cocoon. They smile, was that a pun? I dunno.

    Chapter 12 starts off fun, fighting armed guards, blowing through them like those cutscense we say on the trailers, but as we get deeper into the city, the monsters get bigger and more difficult. Soon every battle is a long painful struggle, every single one of them.

    But first Xemnas shows up, huh, forgot about him. Why didn't Dysley make him Primarch. Speaking of Primarch. Cid not dressed in Primarch clothes watches the city get destroyed, the cowboy guy shows up and they have words that sound like they should mean things but don't. Who are these people!?
    Cid tells him to kill him, what's his face holds his automatic rifle to his head and oh man this is going to be so violent. One bullet? Awww. Yay Cid is finally dead, but aww.

    Anyways Xemnas jumps into a Proudclod reminding us of FF7 again, sorry Xemnas but you are no Scarlett. Too feminine.
    This thing is easy and then it runs away.
    Soon afterwards we get stuck fighint an Adamantoise I had been avoiding. OH GOD! Oh its actually not as deadly as the Pulse things, I guess its a different one.
    The soldier we saved tries to attack us but snow just waves him off.

    Then the battles just keep getting longer and harder, and ready for intercourse.
    Ugh, just go away battles, I am having less fun now.
    We eventually come to a door we can't open. And did anyone think the doors were going to be fights because they had faces because I did.
    And then who should show up but Rikrik and the rest of Nora. Weird. They've just been waiting without he rest of the Purge survivors for Snow to come back. In Eden. Yeah that is retarded.
    They know he is a l'cie and don't care, then they all make fun of Snow. They all have a big speech about how they are going to fight the fal'cie and Hope joins in, but they don't understand his character development so they stare at him blankly. Awesome.
    And then they leave. What.
    What was the point in that!? These characters did nothing! Why was the blue haired guy not revealed when the rest of Nora was? Didn't they say he was a very significant character? He did less then Hope's mum and she died in 5 minutes.

    So we go through the door,and are still not at the end. More battles, hard battles. Stupid women soldiers and their multiple buffs.
    There are a bunch of other soldiers, but they all turn into cieth because they failed at their focus, it probably wasn't stand around waiting for people to show up. I thought sanctum l'cie were rare, that's why Dajh was such a huge deal, but apparently everyone was a l'cie. Whatever.

    We eventually reach some kind of plant thing, oh its the proudclod again. Of course, got to have a second form.
    It is a more challenging battle this time, I died the first time cause I wasted time trying to find dispel and then dispel didn't even work and I wasn't paying attention to other things.
    The second time was much more standard.
    So Xemnas stumbles out of the wreckage, and they talk about how they are fighting for the same thing, and he knows this but he was fighting a farce and murdered people because he thought thats what people wanted. It's weird listening to him, the gang feel like spectators to a different story entirely. They don't seem to connect at all.
    Anyways, they tell him not to die, and he blows himself up because don't tell him what ha can and cant do.

    They make it inside the grandhall of Eden and grunt and moan about his death. Please, he's not dead, no one dies. Hope's mum isn't dead either, she'll probably turn out to be the final boss or something.

    Dysley shows up all Wizard of Oz style and tells them that are fulfilling their destiny, but they are in control of their own destiny. Thats why they are going to the place he wants them to go and fighting the thngs he wants them to fight, because they choose to, not because he wants them to. It's totally different.
    He tell's him that all their friends are waiting for them, and leaves it at that. He'll be watching from the top, this I think happens earlier in the chapter but I don't care, also a turtle falls down and goes boom and its funny, I got the particle accelerators, but not whatever the other thing was.

    So they have made into the heart of Eden, and then it changes into a crazy purple tunnel, it's kind of pretty, this is it apparently. The final chapter.

    Chapter 13
    I save the game and turn it off.

    If all the calvary were turned into cie'th then there is no need to worry about Orphans safety, the whole reason for coming to this place was to protect it. Mission accomplished guys. Oh but no, something about ending fal'cie rule which I guess means killing Orphan. ARGH!
    We are just moving forward for the sake of moving forward again.

  10. Post
    Nice progress in a short space of time. I had more problems with some of those bosses then you seemingly did (proudclod)

  11. Post
    Proudclod round 2 was a long struggle of a battle but his attacks hardly did much damage and they tended to jump out of the way of most of them while attacking, worst thing was the stagger bar reseting when he changed modes.

    Also my flatmate returned from his holiday today so who knows when i'll get this 13th chapter and game finished. Doubt i'll be mission marking. Maybe if theres a strong call for it.

  12. Post
    So what crazy plot twists happen in this final tube, what drives the character forward?
    Nothing. Nothing happens.
    The thirteenth chapter consists of nothing but fighting giant boss battle monsters in regular encounters, oh dear god is it tedious.
    It gets to a point where I just chuck an ethersol on and walk under the stupid damn tanks legs. Stupid tanks and their cannon plus gatling gun combo.

    So yeah these statues come to life or something and they create portals to chapter 11 and 12. I don't know why you would want to go back to chapter 12, probably because the good weapons are there.
    I can't be bothered going back to gran pulse, I just want to get this thing done. But maybe maxing my main roles in the crystarium would help. Ah well.

    So basically you just walk around crazy platforms, and get to the next statue so it can teleport you to another platform and transform into carbuncle or something and then you have to get to the next statue.

    When you reach a statue proceeded by a save point they will teleport you randomly into a chapel with no explanation or dialogue and then you have to fight horrible things.
    The first Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky. Ugh, so much blocking. but eventually they die.

    Then the scenario repeats itself. The gang actually have dialogue after the first time, it seems they are testing to see if they are tryuly strong enough to destroy the world. Vanille doesnt feel right killing cieth that used to be human like them, but thats what they want you to think says hope.
    Once you let your guard down then you'll become their puppet.
    t's ok, we'll just make cocoon our new home.
    Wait what, when was your home even an issue? Is this dialogue left over from Oerba or something? Doesn't fit at all.

    The second boss is a cieth with a sword, it is fast and powerful, and its attack take away buffs which is annoying. Eventually it dies without too much toruble.

    Oh yay on the way to the third boss battle you encounter the first two in regular form but paired with others and screw that, ethersol.

    The third boss is an ice dragon thing, that is actually a recolour of proudclod called Tiamat Something.
    What a long and frustrating battle, again the form change takes away the stagger. But it became easier when I discovered that four leg form is susceptible to all status ailments while dragon form is not. Get four leg into stagger and the battle is easily won.

    The final statue seems satisfied so it creates a portal to a white room. Is this the final room?
    Leaving takes me back to the entrance with the other two so I'm thinking it is. That was a pointless and lame path to get here, when chapter 12 was enough of a crazy fighting struggle for it to just end in that white room, or at least the entrance with the portals.
    Chapter 13 is padding. Horrible padding.

    I stop the game here, I have no idea what awaits me ahead, and how long the final battle will take. And my flatmate needs to sleep, Also spoilers.
    Funnily enough he was able to watch the entirety of chapter 13 and know nothing of the 'plot' that lead up to this moment. Nothing happens here.

    Tomorrow I will see what awaits me in Narthox. Will it all be worth the 57 hours? Doubtful.

  13. Post
    Please give your rating on the final post.

  14. Post
    Here we go, end game.
    So they open the door at the end of the reception and say things like, let's do this. Are you ready for this. We must end this.
    What are you guys even talking about? Do what? Your reason for being here is flimsy at best.
    This room turns out to be Barthandalus' throne room I guess, he cackles at them and they tell him they aren't there to kill Orphan, they are there to kill him, despite having no idea he was going to be there. He shows them Dajh and Serah and kills them, but wait, look at her tear its still there. Sazh interjects and says it cant be them because the chocobo told him. Uh, thanks Sazh we already have the evidence.

    That bird is back and it merges with Dysley once more. Wow a third form. this form is weaker then his other forms. It barely does anything and its ultimo and laser light show attacks give you plenty of warning to change into a sab med med paradigm and recover quickly. It's just a long battle, but so is every battle ever in this game.
    5 stars

    So then he melts, crying out for release, sweet release. I guess he wanted to die then.
    They all celebrate, I like how Fang and Vanille keep screwing up high fives.

    Then that damn bird flies around some more, oh hell no. You are not the final boss.
    Not exactly, thank god. It flies into the muck and then out come barthandlus again only now there is a women on his ear cradling a childs face.
    This is Orphan, apparently. And fortunately it only has one target.
    Faced with the thing they swore to protect, they attack it because it said some mean things they don't agree with. Damn it guys, you win by not fighting.

    This battle is pretty much the same as the last one, it likes to use an attack that takes you health to one but it looks like it killed you because the battle stuff goes away for a second, its libra says itscapable of inflicting instant death which is cheap, but it never got the chance to.
    5 stars.

    This fighting didn't kill it and now things get retarded.
    It grabs vanilla and tries to force her to become Ragnarok, Fang hates seeing this so says she'll do it. It releases Vanille and waits. Vanille tells her that they made a promise to protect cocoon and Fang counters saying she made another promise, to protect her family. By stabbing them.
    Everyone tries to stop her and she goes all rage personified and makes light shows in the ground. This turns everyone to cieth for some reason. Except Fang. And Vanille sadly.
    Wait when did this become their game?

    So the cieth wail on a despairing Fang and then dogpile on top of her, and Vanille is all worried. Then Fang goes bananas and turns into Ragnorok to kill Orphan. This is all incredibly out of character, or if it's in character it completel contradicts that character growth she did on Pulse where she resolves to not be so bat shit retarded.

    Anyways she fails, I start hoping that maybe the game ends like this, that it was always going to be a bad ending, that would be a bold move. And would piss off a lot of people.
    But not as much as what actually happens.

    Orphan starts killing and reviving Fang in attempt to make her try again, it waited 1000 years for her to try again, everyone else was just along for the ride. At no point is it explained why her brand was frozen in time.
    Vanille makes a stand against rage and suddenly fire shoot out of nowhere and Orphan starts dying. What.

    Everyone is ok! But how could this be they were cie'th. Meh, magic. Smoke and mirrors. A wizard did it. We are sorry we made you do it by yourself Fang. Wait what? Did they all plan for Fang to go apeshit bananas? When did they plan this, can I get a cutscene of that.
    Where were you guys then. They shrug. Somehere dark where we remembered things. All those "dramatic emotional conversations" (read: whiny monologue) about the crap we faced from earlier in the game.

    Oh. That's cool.
    Orphan finishes melting at this point, and they all start making hero speeches about how they will win this thing. Um, it's melting, I think you won. Oh wait its got a second form, even the characters know this by now, there's always a second form.
    And the ultimate bad guy is: a clock. Awesome…

    The clock tells them how it will destroy everything when it dies. Not if we kill you first!
    Um yes, that is the- what.
    So the clock appears to be a tough battle, fistit casts a 4000 doom, hooray its going to be a short battle, I keep an eye out for a gauge I have to fill out to impress him. Nothing.
    Then no attacks can harm it. Lets see what Libra has to say.
    First time: It can inflict doom. God damn it I know this.
    Second time: can not be damaged unless staggered. Seriously, that's the challenge in this ultimate battle? Staggering has long be mastered clock boy. It's the key to winning lots of battles fast.
    Added bonus, this thing doesn't attack you, except when its face grew a hand, because of clock.
    So sab com med. Other added bonus, status ailments work. He staggers, changes into a space ship. Switch to com com rav
    And it dies. 5 stars. Naturally.
    Crystarium expanded. Cool… that will come in handy…

    So it starts dying and they are all oh no we must stop it from destroying the world. But they can't because they start floating and completing their focus. Turning to crystal.
    Hilariously all the other Fal'cie die and so cocoon is now without a sun or power or food. So Living on Cocoon is going to suck even if it survives.

    Everyone forms a circle, but Fang and Vanille do not. Are you ready? She nod's and then they explode and explode all the pulse creatures and turn into a double beast or something, maybe ragnarok. They had this power all along, why didn't they use it before? Oh whatever.
    They catch cocoon falling from the sky, oh look its meteor about to crash into Midgar.
    Hey wait, this game isn't ending on an airship. Woah, when does that ever happen.

    They use all their FMV powers to turn lava into water into crystal and then create the symbol in the title. Woah spoilers right on the cover, my flatmate has a FF13 poster that actually shows this final resting place of cocoon in the background, crazy.

    Everyone has turned into crystal, but Vanille wakes them up because she is like a god now.
    They look at the new world, and make up reasons for surviving with focus tossed around one more time. Yeah whatever says fang. Leona Lewis sings a retarded song about putting on makeup and looking in the mirror. What does this have to do with anything?

    Oh and look Searh and Dajh are uncrystal now. And they reunite happily and then talk about weddings.
    Vanille talks about how they achieved the impossible; the fabled lesbian 69, which we get to see, and that they will live on forever waiting for a new dawn. Oh you better bloody not.
    They totally missed a golden op at the end here so I will add it for you.

    Hope stares at the crystal Cocoon, and then he sees his dad stumbling towards him, and behind him his mum. 'Mom?!' he cries, he runs to her tears coming out of his eyes. 'But how?'
    'I told you,' she says smiling down at him, 'Moms are tough.'

    After the credits you can save you game, and then get trapped in a loop of not wanting to return to the title menu and not wanting to save your game again.
    Starting the game up again I guess you can go and complete the other missions, screw that. Eject.

    Graphics - Pretty
    Gameplay - Staggering
    Characters - Inconsistent
    Voice Acting - Garglespit
    Story - Too much focus
    Enjoyment - Decreases exponentionally
    Overall: Better then FF12, and that's about it. And even worse in some ways.

    Once again the story falls apart once all the characters get together, everyone just becomes a spectator to the things happening to them and they just keep moving on to the next destination because that's where they end up.
    And damn it stop introducing female villains and not letting us fight them, what was even her point, she did nothing.

    Tl;dr version
    Run around trying not to destroy the world and turn to crystal, realise there is something bigger behind it all, run around some more. Try to stop the evil plan which is the evil plan.
    Lesbian 69!

  15. Post
    I should clarify some things. I never understood the upgrade system, and never bought anything but 20 phoenix downs from the store for the entire game.

    I had Helter Sketler lvl26, Glave lvl31 and Airwing lvl17.

    The accessories was highly neglected also, I put thing on each time a slot opened and never looked back.
    Platinum Bangle LV1
    Shield Talisman Lv1
    Silver Bangle Lv1
    HP 6906
    Str 1541
    Mag 945

    Power Wirstband Lv1
    Gold Bangle Lv1
    Sorcerer's Mark Lv1
    HP 6796
    Str 1321
    Mag 1194

    Tungsten Bangle Lv1
    Magicians Mark Lv1
    Mythril Bangle Lv1
    HP 6796
    Str 632
    Mag 1396

    The crystarium ended up having each character maxed out on two roles, for stage 9. Light COM RAV, Hope SYN RAV, Fang COM SAB.

    Skills had been learned in all the other roles also, but were never used. Except that one time Fang was a med for hectochair.

    And as we all know the only battle I ever had true trouble with was Cid. God damn Cid.
    Oh, and I didn't use any walkthroughs. Barring that guide on cieth missions but that was used after the fact so I could remember them.

  16. Post
    Hey, here's a rant from me about FF12 two years ago.

    Kizmitt wrote:

    Message to square-enix, stop making the entire game a puzzle. Give us some straightforward things. Make it to end of dungeon while fighting monsters should be enough. Making it to the end of the dungeon while worrying about the lights going out and frantically trying to kill electric bug things is not fun.
    Sometimes going from a to b is acceptable. Going from a to b but needing to sidetrack to f and then further to j just so one can get to friggin b gets old really fast.
    Look's like I got my wish, to the extreme. Instead they make every battle a puzzle instead. Hooray.
    They just need to find the balance between FF12 and FF13.

    Make a world that we can explore, but make the dungeons a little less the entire game.

  17. Post
    Just read through this right now and it is hilarious, I am playing through XIII for the 4th time now but I have actually yet to make it past the 5th Ark before my PS3 dies because of the pure retardation of this tedious game. This game has literally killed 3 PS3's I have owned, not cool. Everyone says that the 1st half of the game is the worst and I have had the pleasure of ONLY being able to play the 1st half, LUCKY! So I am currently up to Vile Peaks, just before the Odin fight and I am already over this game STRAIGHT AWAY! Last play through it took me 10 hours to reach the 1st Dysley fight. UGH!

  18. Post
    Shit bro, is it the same copy of XIII?

  19. Post
    Welp, at least you can lend that copy of the game to people you don't like.

  20. Post
    LOL Final Fanta-si?
    You gota check out the Japanese ADV.

  21. Post
    So finished the game last week (story wise), so Orphan was a pathetic final boss. Equipped 2 cherub crowns on everyone but he never even had the chance to use it, I beat him (both forms) in under 3 mins, it was rubbish. Attempting to get a Platinum in this game but finding it hard to have motivation to do so. Stupid game.

  22. Post
    Cherub crowns?

  23. Post
    What the **** is a cherub crown?

  24. Post
    Cherub Crowns help prevent Death. Apparently Orphan has the Death spell and uses it? I wouldn't know as it died stupidly quickly.

  25. Post
    Oh i see, yeah i never got deathed.

    I seem to have had more trouble with orphan than everyone else and my 3 main grids were maxed, weird.