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    For a pop song that's pretty bad 0/10

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    This is a nice version of an old traditional song that was made pretty popular by the Grateful Dead. If you like this song check out some of her other stuff, she is an amazing guitarist.

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    Very impressed with her guitar work & singing 8/10

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    I still hear those lyrics as "Bake me a pie of love"

    And that brings up serious hygene and conduct concerns

    but still , ****ing 10\10 fantastic song

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    Not really my cup of tea .... felt a bit cringeworthy especially with the video lamenting Nazi warships.
    Kind of started off like a Lloyd Webber musical and then got camper.

    Best to listen to this one with headphones on and at leaset stick with it to the 5:30 mark

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    Not really my thing. 4/10

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    what a song, 10/10

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    6/10, classic but have heard it too many times.

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    Nice, 7/10. It's long but make the commitment.

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    ^8/10 I always dig a nice instrumental/jam out/ambient rock/metal piece

    hardcore italianooooo

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    Not my thing 4/10
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    ^ Good fun, 7/10.

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    Bread 10/10

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    6/10 - I like it, but just for the nostalgic sound.