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    9/10 for the song, but that version isn't the greatest. Search 'Sympathy For The Devil L.A 1975', you won't regret it!

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    10/10, one of my favs from the album.

    check this, similar style. album deserves to be just as well known as endtroducing imo

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    Great elevator music, 0/10
    Boston-More Than A Feeling. Yes they all went down on a plane what a loss. But a Rock Ballad none-the-less.

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    3/10 - Can't stand tracks like that.

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    4/10, was a little too retro for me (if thats the right word)

    Now I bet I get zeroed

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    just a sample of some new burial

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    I'll give that a 7/10 just because when i used to get baked i would have liked that, kind of trippy

    Dion The Wanderer (1961) Ranked #239 on the Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

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    8/10 - a classic.

    Bit of kiwi topper.

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    4/10 cookie cutter.

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    ^Song's been removed so can't rate 3;

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    6/10, very repetitive.

    Something very different here, it really gets into it around the 2min mark.

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    7/10 Very good

    GAGA's latest.

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    5/10 secretly ashamed I enjoyed it

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    Pretty boring instrumental metal track. Nondescript. 4/10

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    6/10 - bueno

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    7/10 - Seen that vid a few times, it's good stuff.

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    6/10, not bad but have to be in the mood to listen to it

    bit of instrumental

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    ^^normally these days i don't go for the mellow but i liked this. 6.5/10 the scratching at start and end lowered the rating.
    Old standby....eric prydz call on me hd 720p

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    Was alright, might grow on me 5/10