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    Ard Choille wrote:
    Gameplanet is now running Mumble 1.2.3 @
    This version is alot easier to use and admin.
    All the team channels from the old server are there.
    The new server allows for passkeys on private channels which channel owners you can give out.

    You no longer need to use a website to register for the server. This can be done using the mumble client.
    Please contact maha or Ard Choille if you need a private channel

  2. Post
    Mumble 1.22 supported yet? Or has this post just not been updated..

  3. Post
    Mumble server gets updated everytime there is an update.

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    Im getting a wrong password for registered users popup after updating to 1.22

  5. Post
    What is your user name for the mumble server?
    I can delete the registered user and you can register yourself again.

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    Hey Ard or maha is it possible to get a channel for [Insert Name Here] as we tend to be just using DTs or Soljas private channel (DT getting annoyed).

    Also there is quite a few channels in there where teams aren't together anymore or no one uses those channels would be good for a bit of a clean up.

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    booyah wrote:
    Im getting a wrong password for registered users popup after updating to 1.22
    same here, help please

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    Hey Ard or Shade, is it possible for my team 'Frostbyte' to get a channel on the mumble server.
    We are currently using the eminence channel, i've asked xlim if its ok. But i'd rather our own channel.

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    Murmur/mumble updated to 1.2.3 just now.

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    And every channel was deleted

  11. Post
    And they return!

  12. Post
    Ask those people on mumble or here via forums?

    Sorry this is unclear to me.

    Can we get a section for BFG please? I currently use mumble and am part of 29a clan, however we are setting up a non profit organisation (BFG) for which our members need a place to talk and hang out

    Thank you.

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    Send me a PM with what you want and who needs admin access

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    Server down guys

    edit: just saw Ard's post in the other thread. No worries

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    Tank wrote:
    Server down guys

    edit: just saw Ard's post in the other thread. No worries

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    Mumble still down (though the game servers etc are back up yeah?)

  17. Post
    ALL servers are now UP

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    is the mumble down is it? ([12:31:31 p.m.] Server connection failed: Connection refused.)

  19. Post
    Power outage.
    Mumble is back up

  20. Post
    What's the port number?

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    I'm getting some really bad feedback from mumble using my internal laptop mic, is there something I am missing? (Other than the fact that I should be using a real mic of course)

    And yes I am using headphones before you ask!

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    Try turning down the mic level.

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    Mic level is literally set to 1/100 in Windows. Haha tried playing round with all the windows settings while I went through the mumble mic tester. Might have to get an external mic!

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    Hey! My csgo team ascension uses this mumble everynight, Atm we just been chilling in the counter-strike channel but if any admin sees this would they be able to make A channel for us? Named ascension and maybe put a pw on it if you can and pm me it? cheers.

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    Did you guys block aussie ips? Stopped working for some of my aus friends few days ago. Cant connect.