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    yea pretty much the 28 days later zombies are just too hard for the average joe to handle, wouldnt make a good/realistic show.

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    snark^ wrote:
    Fast zombies are just your typical predator-type creature: faster/stronger thing that hunts and kills. ie., they're something that everyone from the military to big game hunters knows how to deal with, and that everyone's spent time dodging from caveman days - the same old scare that everything else that wants to eat you gives. That it eats braaaiiiinssss and used to be one of you is almost inconsequential.

    The real horror from stuff like George Romero's first few 'of the Dead' films is that they're like an unstoppable wave that no matter how you try to fight it, they'll just swamp you with numbers in the end. More existential horror; no rescue, no chance of survival over the long run, not enough ammo, would probably end up with the main chars offing themselves after considering the situation for a while.
    Well I'm scared of both but seriously if I had to pick which version to go up against in a real situation I'd be silly to go for the fast one, they're far more dangerous than their slow counterparts. That's not to say a fast zombie movie is always scarier than a slow zombie one, that's up to the story/characters/direction etc. I don't think I quite understand your point about people knowing how to handle fast zombies, would military/big game hunters be confused by the slow shuffling movements of a slow zombie? If anything I'd say they're a more convenient target. Fasties are still generally an unstoppable wave too...just a faster, more dangerous one. That it eats brains and used to be human is a huge part of why they scare me in both types so hardly inconsequential.

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    new cast photo

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    Check out actual footage here:

    Roll on October!

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    gwarden wrote:
    new cast photo

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    The fact that there is a kid makes me worried that it will be PG

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    ^^ What? You think there'd be suddenly no kids after a zombie breakout? Pretty shitty story that'd be, given no kids equals no future

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    refused wrote:
    The fact that there is a kid makes me worried that it will be PG
    Nah, its not PG at all :P Thats already been confirmed.

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    Haha yeah silly thing to say now that I think about it. I had just woken up and got my whore on when I wrote that.

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    Score is being done by Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica)

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    Looks good, have they released a proper trailer yet?

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    Only at Comic-Con, must be just a matter of time before we get an official one.

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    geeks with video cameras ftw

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    Looks promising

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    comic con poster

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    Second season seemingly confirmed, DVD to have black&white versions as extras.

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    I want this, tonight. I love the make-up work and the direction, it really looks like a show that hardcore fans can get into, hope it doesn't turn into a Bubble Gum horror for the masses.

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    When is it coming out?

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    Murakami wrote:
    When is it coming out?

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    Sept/Oct is gonna be the mad tv season.

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    SOA, this and what else?

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    Off the top of my head:
    Boardwalk Empire
    Eastbound & Down
    Bored to Death
    Office/30 Rock/Community
    and the FOX comedies (Simpsons etc)

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    Do you watch all of those?