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    How to disable onboard Realtek Audio

    I upgraded from the crappy standard Realtek onboard audio to a PCI sound card (Asus Xonar D1) not long ago, but I've got a problem with my system still insisting on stubbornly detecting the Realtek audio despite the fact that I have completely uninstalled all traces of related drivers. I've even disabled it in the BIOS under Realtek HD Audio Controller but I'm still getting a Found New Hardware for "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus" box popping up every time I restart Windows.

    Anyone happen to know how to disable the damn thing properly, and permanently? I'm having some issues with a number of games and other things and trying to pinpoint the problem, but I have a hunch that an audio hardware conflict might be the culprit so would like to eliminate that possibility at least.

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    In the BIOS.....

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    make sure its the audio controller that you disabled any not just the from audio jack

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    Yeah, well that's what I thought too. But as I said I've tried that already, unless there's something I'm missing.... should I still be getting a Found New Hardware box popping up if it actually is disabled in the BIOS ya think?

    Flanker wrote:
    make sure its the audio controller that you disabled any not just the from audio jack
    Not too sure what you mean. "Realtek HD Audio Controller" under Onboard Devices is most definitely disabled in the BIOS.

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    Tried disabling it in device manager?

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    Yeah, I did try that too, hell you can even "uninstall" them from the Device manager rather than merely disabling them, but no luck there either - it just reappears again whenever I've restarted Windows.

    Frustrating. :/

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    what mobo?

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    If you take the ASUS card out does it still do it? Or howabout playing ball with it, installing it, then just disabling it so windows doesn't pick it up as a piece of hardware lacking drivers?

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    AFAIK, the High definition audio bus driver was a Microsoft driver for HD audio for windows. not to do with realtek specifically.

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    if the hardware is still present then uninstalling it from device manager doesn't do anything other than prompt you to reinstall the drivers on next boot..

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    Saved the bios setup after changing it?

    ...oh I feel so helpful today...

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    In BIOS its should be under Advance>Onboard Devices Configuration as "High Definition Audio" or on the newer Asus boards "HDA Controller"

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    I would leave it installed, and then just disable it, so it has a big red cross through it in device manager. It might not be the realtek, it might be HDMI for the vid card you've got, or an extra feature of the xonar.