This afternoon our team in LA headed downtown for the Electronic Arts Media event, getting our first looks at the next Need for Speed and Medal of Honor games, a Bad Company 2 expansion and LucasArts's mega-scale MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

EA’s media briefing at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles kicked off with the announcement of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Dated for November 16th, the Criterion-developed title hopes to simultaneously bring the series back to its roots and pave the way for adoption by the so-called “connected generation.”

In it, players compete online, chasing one another as either the police or as renegade mavericks driving outrageously expensive cars. Criterion highlighted Hot Pursuit’s Autolog – a suite of features “to connect, compare and compete.”

With it, players can know when their friends have beaten their top scores, and flag their competitors as “Most Wanted.”

The game does look great, but we can’t quite distinguish how Autolog is a feature above and beyond the typical raft of social features that ship with most titles these days – watch this space.

Criterion stepped aside and EA CEO John Riccitiello introduced Visceral’s Steve Papoutsis, the executive producer of Dead Space 2.
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