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    Transformers: The War for Cybertron reviewed

    Review by Gameplanet Staff;

    Hasbro has never had much luck rolling out their Transformers franchise to videogames. That must be a constant source of frustration to the company. There’s no lack of men around their thirties who once slept under an Optimus Prime duvet every night, who are ready and willing to invest in digital incarnations of their boyhood heroes, who want to recapture those after-school hours in the ‘80s.

    In recent years, we’ve seen two par games licensed from the live action movies, each rolled out to capitalise on renewed box office hype around the franchise. Prior to that, 2004’s Transformers (Armada) seemed promising but ultimately failed to deliver.

    Transformers: The War for Cybertron takes a step out of the quagmire but ultimately fails to get airborne. Developer High Moon has created a game that feels as though it were designed by committee. Cybertron is strongly derivative of the most successful shooter titles of the current generation, selecting particular elements from each and building a golem that is sometimes entertaining but largely forgettable.
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    What's with all this business of having "Gameplanet Staff" as the listed author as of late? Multiple people contributing to the same article?

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    Looks like it was penned by dan to me. I'm guessing multiple opinions are contributing?

    Review pretty much nails the game anyway. Theres a real lack of depth and it's only strength is the nicely detailed presentation. I'm a little disappointed but still had some decent fun.

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    Finally a more realistic review. This game is riding on nothing but rabid fanboy'ism.. it really is an utterly generic console arcade game... actually its worse than that, because it doesn't even do that much well, its very boring and repetative, and very VERY shallow. Apparently the multiplayer is fun, but this game is definately not worth the perfect (or 9/10) scores some reviewers are throwing at it...

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    Surprised at this review, all the other ones I've read have been far more positive.

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    I really liked this game. But it's definitely a renter for the weekend type game.

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Multiple people contributing to the same article?