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    Frank Ocean finally puts out :')

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    i.e.awesome wrote:
    Frank Ocean finally puts out :')
    And it's beautiful. Two whole albums to digest - sheesh. Look elsewhere for those Pyramid club bangers. Sounds like he needed to get a lot of emotions out of his system first. Sorta like Franky Unplugged.

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    Oh happy i am.

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    So good ^_^

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    Food rap is best rap.

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    hope retch gets on his guwop grind and drops as much music as possible before he gets(if tho) locked up.

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    WY Feat. Lox Chatterbox - Filthy

    This "Love the Way You Lie" clone grew on me after listening to it in Watch Dogs.

    The Industrial backing track is cool and makes it stand-out.

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    Feeling the new Tribe album, disc 1 especially heavy rotation. Id post something off it that hasnt already been posted but theres nothing on youtube.

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    makes me sad when artists **** up their career with drugs, this dude was so great. Especially with how unique he was, mixing laid back trap lyrics with cloud beats.

    all though his latest song was decent however lyrically its still eh. Clams casino and plu2o nash working together is some dream collab shit.