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    Speaks for itself really. Post anything hip hop related, that you would like to share with people on this forum.

    I'll start with a couple of songs that are slept on.

    also digging this album

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    that song is really good, cheers for reminding me about this

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    What's wrong with the other hip hop thread you made that we had going lol

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    Changing the thread name to make it more appropriate so it can get a sticky. And we can find the thread in the future and don't have to dig for it. Also surprised this thread hasn't been made in the past, since there is a electronic and metal one.

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    This song is pretty cool.. some dirty south shit

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    fav 'story-telling' track

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    Listen to this when working out sometimes.

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    Lib wrote:
    This song is pretty cool.. some dirty south shit

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    EZAS wrote:

    Listen to this when working out sometimes.

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    Nas ftw

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    The greatest battle of all time. I wish there was a full video of this somewhere

    If you haven't heard it, get the full mp3 here and stop depriving yourself of lyrical exquisitness(sp?) lol

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    When Supernat does the Biggie voice it's ****ing awesome.

    Understudy? yo that's suicidal, **** that shit, Supernatural is your idol.

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    give it a listen.

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    - so ****ing dope, Skarekrow kills it too.

    this dude is on a level all by himself

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    Loving The Roots new album atm.

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    Before the Black Eyed Peas sold out and Fergie completely ruined the group.

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    And one of my favourite music videos:

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