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    Sa Hip Hop

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    Rii wrote:
    Just found this guy. His orchestral score style tracks along with his slick videos are amazing.


    He has talent and I get it his style but damn I can't stand the hooks/Chorus ultimately kills the song and leaves me feeling to embarrassed to play the song up loud.

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    I was fortunate to recently make a track and have a rapper (Dillon) from Atlanta jump on the instrumental.
    I couldnt have been happier with what he did! If you like him, check out his comic-rap alias Lobsterdamus. He dropped a new album last month.

    The theme of the instrumental was made to sound like an electronic garden basking in the heat an analogue sun. Think synthesized birds and insects chilling in a psychedelic garden of surreal beats.

    I haven't shared this with many hip hop connoisseurs as I don't have a lot of friends that sway that way, so I'd love critiques from people in this thread! Does it flow like you'd expect, does it surprise you or bore you?

    You can check it out also on
    Soundcloud, Or spotify

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    if you like the 90s grimy ny rap then check out griselda

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    Love this.. Download music from

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    Nice post.. You can also visit this..

    Wow... I love this


    I love this trust me..

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    came across this

    was worth the 40 mins of my life

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    How we feeling about the latest eminem album?

    Sound similar to kamikaze in terms of the backing tracks. Em is on point as always though.

    Darkness is oddly enough, a pretty damn dark track.

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    Im enjoying more than Kamikaze its easier to bump along to without skipping a track the hooks are catchy Em seems to be going hard on the double entendres its mind blowing.

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    stacrafty wrote:
    came across this

    was worth the 40 mins of my life
    Pleased to see R.A Uncommon Valor verse on there

    New album coming soon, dropped one track already. Still one of the very best ever.

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    Amapiano Is here

    EDM and House is Great but Amapiano 2020 is even better.

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    i really do love rap

    sougth africans came up with this beautiful one now amanda black egoli album download

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    Recently returned to Auckland to visit family after a few years out of NZ, holy fxck! Aussie Drill is everywhere, not my type of music, thought it was sh!t to be honest but it’s so popular.

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