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    TALOON wrote:
    To all of those people that say "BRING BACK NORTON"...

    HELL no... He did NOT play a good Bruce Banner... if anyone, bring back Eric Bana...

    Why? You look at the character of Bruce Banner, he is a quiet, shy easily intimidated person... The TOTAL opposite of what the Hulk is.

    Now you watch the two Hulk movies, Eric Bana pulled of the quiet, scared Bruce Banner... you watch the scene when he starts turning into the Hulk, you can SEE him trying to hold it back... now THAT is good acting!

    Edward Norton... Just no. He does nothing to seem like Bruce Banner is this smart, nerdy, quiet type...




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    The Hulk with Norton was a total piece of shit. Utter garbage I hated it.

    The Hulk with Bana was all kinds of awesome, I cannot fathom why it got so much hate it was fully brill.

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    ^ yeah, I reckon. Ang Lee's Hulk was fully brill and awesome.

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    Did it get hate, or was it that it just didn't make enough money?

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    I think it flopped but it also seems to get a lot of hate to this day

    EDIT: articles here and here on why Hulk (and Superman Returns) DIDN'T suck

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    I dont care what anyone says, I find Superman Returns to be incredibly tedious.

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    I haven't seen it. How bad was it?

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    It's OK... tone and setting are a direct copy of Donner's films, Routh channels Reeves in his performance, it has a lot of emo-Superman moments and lacks a decent villain (just Spacey hamming it up as Lex Luthor with the silliest evil plan ever)

    I actually enjoyed it the first time I watched it but when I try to rewatch I can't finish it

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    Superman Returns sucked, the plot was utter crap.

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    Superman returns was bad and im a fan of Brandon Routh

    I liked the bana hulk

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    Ang Lee's hulk sucked.

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    What the shit did I just watch

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    meeekael wrote:
    What the shit did I just watch
    The greatest tabloid/film trailer/taiwanese mind**** CGI mashup ever made.

    Its better than their DKR/Inception one even

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    Ang Lee's Hulk is wonderful. As is Speed Racer.

    At least Scarlett possesses a better Catwoman outfit than Catwoman. Something The Avengers has going for it before the inevitable cluster****. Boy, does banner look intense!

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    necom wrote:
    Ang Lee's Hulk is wonderful.
    Ed Norton was a terrible Banner and the Hulk in that film was really generic both in his appearance and in the fights.

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    Ang Lee's Hulk was marketed as a typical comic book action film when it was anything but.
    That could be why it received so much hate. People walked in expecting a different film.

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    Edward norton is the hulk the original hulk was horrible dont know how people could actually like it

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    Norton Banner is best Banner.

    Ang Lee's film was a total abortion.

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    Ang Lee's Hulk is still one of my favourite comic book adaptations. Everything just works so well. Superman Returns was a complete bore. Speed Racer was ****ing ace.

    I have extremely low expectations for this film tbh. Especially if the last trailer is anything to go by.

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    I have the utmost faith in Joss Whedon

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    You've already caught a glimpse of the team in the low-res images (courtesy of DCMarvelFreshman) of these "Ang Pows", but hit the jump to check out a much higher quality look at the Avengers together and the full reveal of the Hulk.

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    Hulk looks exactly the same as the Norton version. No doubt they altered the face to be a bit more Ruffalo-ish.

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    Ain't far away.

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