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    ^ Nailed it.

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    We're building a second data centre on AWS as discontent has grown sufficiently with our current data centre providers to make the extra cost palatable (The traffic charges in and out of AWS alone will be as much as we pay for traffic + machines with our current setup). Fun times ahead.

    The question is, do we drink the AWS kool aid and replace a bunch o stuff with AWS equivalents? Fun times ahead.

    Incidentally, was reading up on data terminology because a guy at work has been saying "data lake" a lot (which is a fancy way of saying "Bung it all in S3 or HDFS and let the data scientists figure out what's useful") and discovered to my joy that terms that terrified me at the start of my career like "star schema" and "OLAP cube" is stuff I've worked with for years without knowing it that's what it was called. Feeling experienced.

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    Go all in, as long as you understand what that means. Life is easy if you accept vendor locking and you're okay with the price.

    If you only dip the tip in you're not getting as much value put of AWS as you could.

    Embrace Jeff with loving arms.

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    We're still straddling between the old DC and AWS atm, so I'm stuck halfway - but if AWS works out, our two DCs will just become two different AWS regions, then I can go full AWS.

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    Iíve been working on a project thatís moved out 3 biggest customers out of a 3rd Party DC onto AWS the last 6 months. Weíve gone all in as much as we could with AWS services that were an easy switch, but the harder stuff we have kept what they had for now, with the intention to replace as time allows.
    Our expected expense for AWS is just shy of USD$8mill per year. And thatís a significant saving on the Old DCs.
    Really enjoying working with AWS now, biggest thing Iíve found that if you have to fight an AWS service to do something, your using it wrong.

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    Puk wrote:
    biggest thing Iíve found that if you have to fight an AWS service to do something, your using it wrong.
    This is true for just about everything really.

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