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    More concerned about the QoS tbh.

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    hahaa lol at the ss clowns, they just banned me from the customer forums for "threatening behavior" & I'm a ss customer wtf!

    I asked a few questions & called some clown an ignorant fool who is suggesting we use firefox add ons to disable images to save bandwidth OMFG! the ignorant fool also said the internet was only for browsing web pages & things like video streams, youtube & dl are all luxuries!

    I sent a pm to an employee regarding what it looks like is happening to this plan already in my own don't **** me about way to which I got banned lol!

    banning a ss customer from ss forums? not cool! perhaps I'll ban myself from their service

    attempting to lure new customers from bigtime fall out by allowing them to foolishly think they'll get more from a clearly much smaller company? BS & we can all smell it!

    expecting anything more than the 100kbps & or less from international filehosts? highly doubtful & more like under 50kbps!

    Don't waste your time on this plan is my honest opinion, you'll get the same quota but at higher speeds on pro & buy your 50GB chunks to use when you want them too.

    hopefully expecting telecom to put a 60gb+ plan out before Christmas

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    u mad bro

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    be mad, slingshot users.

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    As i said in another thread, and i will standby my words, this thread will reach epic portions of rage

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    Most likely but if everyone who starts to vent actually does it at ss themselves instead of each other then maybe we'll save a lot of people the bother.

    ss will laugh it up because when people start leaving that plan in droves, others who may consider signing up to it will be thinking they'll gain better speeds because of it, take good notice that this is not how this plan works, if you want any more user feedback then go to ss forums & check out the first 20 pages all showing that within a few days of signing up, their speeds slow to a crawl & in a few reported cases they actually just grind to a halt!

    wtf is up with this sh*t man?

    ffs Telecom please hurry up & bring out a 80gb+ plan with full speeds across the board & watch just how many people sign up to it, instead of this crap of pretending that someone can actually provide unlimited when it's obvious it just ain't gonna happen.

    I'll be happy to pay for a nice fixed amount of 80GB+ & be content at almost a TB a year, surely I'm not the only one.

    ss should have their carcass dragged across hot coals for this fkn bs, it sounded like a lie wrapped up in hopefulness with all that fancy wording of "pumping internet to you as fast as your cabinet can handle it" LOL! & that's exactly just what it is! fkn BS!

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    There is no such thing as unlimited internet there is always a catch 22

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    SO happy i didn't go to this fail plan! SO SO HAPPY.

    telecom and my 40GB (SHIT) limit.

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    the problem is, everyone is expecting it to be like big time, but what alot of people forget is that big time was the same, they put a cap http download sites after a couple of months and everyone bitched and moaned till someone leaked out about how to beat the system, slingshots system can be beaten to, but im not one to tell
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    what was everyone expecting a leechfest plan was never going to happen , i am hauling in bout 10gb of international torrents and all the streaming/browsing is on top , national torrents are fast bout 80 to 150kb/s faster at daytimes/weekdays . i am happy with that , it be about the same i would get on a off peak plan , i get the browsing all on top

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    im keen to switch over, the only thing that's stopping me that if it turns to shit im stuck on a 2 year contract..

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    gleem wrote:
    im keen to switch over, the only thing that's stopping me that if it turns to shit im stuck on a 2 year contract..
    bit behind the times there...

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    what do they not have contracts now?

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    Wrong area of focus

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    been switched today
    i was more concerned about the youtube part and some rs or mu links
    all of these seem to be Qos'd like some others out there
    slow cache speed for youtube and 1-5kb for mu or so
    the worst nt the least couple of international sites are quite laggy

    i am guessing this is it the worst situation i expected, hopefully speed mite pick up during the off peak hours

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    why would you even settle for that shit m8?

    I'd far rather have a decent fixed amount with guaranteed full speeds & to be more careful about my usage than to have to put up with speeds that are nothing short of illegal & contrary to just what the fkn line is intended for.

    This plan will be dead in months!

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    Anyone know if they have signed up 10,000 people to this plan yet, or how many they have signed up so far?

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    Lol I doubt it's even reached the 1000 mark yet tbh, may or may not in the next week but imo nowhere as close as 10,000.

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    Im doing 10kb/sec from premium rapidshare at the moment, gg.

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    Guess i'll be sticking to my 102GB Orcon Cap

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    72GB Winrar!

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    Come on imminent plan cancellation!

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    lol .. still maxxing my line atm, think ive found a new big time LOL
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    Wanna share? (pm)

    Not as easy as the old forced encryption on a certain port