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    Hello mother nature it has been awhile!

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    Yeah, haven't felt a wobble like that since earlier this year. Is it considered an aftershock still? A foreign flatmate just asked me and I wasn't sure.

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    Yes, still considered an aftershock. Just a nice kick in the pants to remind you not to be complacent.

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    We were pretty much ground zero for that one - couple of things fell over.

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    Yeah, felt more like your average 5+ than a 4 at that range.

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    Long shot, but anyone want a large cable drum end like this.

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    Have another lying about and cleaning up the house to leave, actually could take both.

    1150 wide, 110 deep, weighs about 60-80kg though not quite accurate as it broke the scales when I rolled it on.

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    Where is pickup from?

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    Phillipstown, not far from Linwood Mall

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    The last thing you want to see on fire is probably a fertiliser plant..

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    Galent wrote:
    The last thing you want to see on fire is probably a fertiliser plant..
    Half the city will die of Legionnaires now.

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    ^ Just as well we live on the other side of the city then eh?

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    *obligatatory anniversary post*

    Got me a bike recently and have been cycling around part of the red zone.

    There's still a house up near Kingsford St area, looks occupied or used for some ongoing purpose.

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    Hey chch peeps, I'm looking for somewhere to have dinner tonight around the airport. Any recommendations? I assume there's a bunch of places in Riccarton?

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    ^ there's a mini mall thing just next to airport called spitfire square that's got a few restaurants (little india, lone star, some chinese outfit etc), or if you've got a car you could drive 5 mins north to clearwater