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    (Ne)niaz wrote:
    isnt this the donate to haiti thread?
    na, it's about donating to the REAL people, who have REAL LIVES and FAMILIES, who have been affected by this emotionally as well as financially.

    unlike the fakers in all those 3rd world countries.

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    Can I have $3 for a pie today?

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    dstruktiv wrote:
    If you are that passionate and have that much empathy for these people then give them a bed to sleep in, a place to shower, a decent meal and a helping hand around their home. A small donation seems to be all it takes these days to make someone feel like they've done something. Like I said the intentions are good but small amounts of money is (mostly) worthless in this situation.
    I cannot supply any of the above, as I live too far away.

    I sort of see where you are coming from, but if I can donate $20 to get someone a feed, or help bed them down or keep them warm for a night then im all for it.

    Not to make me feel better, to make them feel better.

    BTW $20 from me.

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    Shouldn't the earthquake commission fund and cover this? Even if it is more than $100,000 surely people have insurance?

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    Huyi wrote:
    Shouldn't the earthquake commission fund and cover this? Even if it is more than $100,000 surely people have insurance?
    We want to get some money together that people can get over the next couple of days instead of waiting weeks for payouts.

    Some of you people may not realize but not everyone on GP is a student, people have families and personally I want to give them as much help as I can.

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    Before i give up some money i need to know exactly where it's going. So until then i'll wait.

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    Send it to Manc, the mans got kids to look after.

    Otherwise either the USAR's or some form of CHCH charity, I think the USAR's did an incredible job yesterday!

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    I'm happy with it to go directly to a GP member or a charity, I'm sure ruski won't mind using a trusted admin/mods bank account if it'll give people more piece of mind.

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    If I had money to spare (damn being paid fortnightly) I would contribute. After the quake happened I had a quick look around the house, a quick look outside, then just sat at the PC all thinking back about it I coulda got out there and done a lot to help etc. Feeling pretty meh about it now.

    Will see what I can spare come Thursday.

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    Naykd wrote:
    I would consider making a donation once a proper relief fund has been set up - not some amateur one set up to help boy racers repair their shitmobiles
    Several collections have been launched to help with relief and welfare after the Canterbury earthquake. Here's how you can help:

    Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake Appeal 2010

    - Via ASB by visiting any branch, or calling 0800 803 804. Electronic deposits at: acct # 12-3192-0015998-01. Merchant fees for credit card card transactions have been waived for these donations

    - Via ANZ/National by visiting any branch. Electronic deposits at: ANZ acct # 1839-0188939-00 or National acct # 06-0869-0548507-00

    - Via KiwiBank, Electronic deposits at: acct # 38-9009-0759479-00

    Salvation Army Canterbury Earthquake Appeal

    - Phone 0800 530 000, or donate online at

    - Donations by post to: The Salvation Army Canterbury Earthquake Appeal, PO Box 27001, Marion Square, Wellington 6141, New Zealand

    - Via Westpac's Canterbury Care Fund, in partnership with the Salvation Army.

    Foodstuffs collection

    - Donations can be made at New World, Pak 'n' Save and Four Square stores

    Christchurch Mayoral Relief Fund

    - Collection boxes at all Westfield shopping centres from midday, Monday, September 6

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    We're a wealthy country that relies on 3 main centres, and if any went down we would be fcuked

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    On the bright side alot of people in Chch will be getting new furniture, tvs, consoles etc because of insurance claims

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    Another place where you can donate

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    I really can't believe you people are COMPLAINING about this.

    **** guys lets donate thousands to a guy for a car which bears no benefit what so ever (no offence Mettler) but when it comes to people in ACTUAL need we won't do a thing. **** yea everyone is rich and can afford to eat out every night so they don't need money. **** yea who needs money to go entertain their children to get their mind off probably the most horrifying thing they have been in while the parents work out what the **** they are going to do not having a house to live anymore and where the hell they are going to sleep tonight.

    Who needs clothes when everything was destroyed by water etc. **** clothes we don't need them were rich, money has no benefit what so ever. **** yea.

    **** yea GPFORUMS is awesome. ****ing stupid ****s.

    Misha put me down for $20.

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    Disco Dan wrote:
    I'm broke but will put something in when I have some coin
    This but can spare $10

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    I'm happy donating some money. If a Christchurch GPer can have a feed and a "chill out" beer on me it's all good.

    Please put up some bank details and I will make a deposit.

    To the haters if you don't approve of GPForums Earthquake relief fund for whatever reason show a bit of respect for the affected members and their families and stay out of the thread.

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    I'll donate something to a GP member if there's something specific that needs money put towards. Seems pretty vague ATM.

    Basically, Manc or someone needs a good story of something they need replacing/fixing that they can't get insurance or whatever for.

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    ruski wrote:
    Doesn't GP look after their own anymore?
    Chuck me down for a 20$

    Wheres the bank details at?

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    ****ing lazy ass web developers.. I'll flick him a txt and tell him to hurry up/wake up.

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    03 1732 0102189 017

    If you prefer, you can transfer your pledged amount upon request once a claim is found.
    Also, if one of the mods would rather take control of this, let me know and I will transfer what is there currently.

    Also, I can't believe people are bitching. **** you, honestly. Don't have anything good to say, then **** right off from this thread with your shit-ass assumptions and retarded generalizations.

    I am currently discussing the situation with two people that would benefit from this fund. They do not want to be named and I will discuss it with those that are kindly donating privately to decide on the appropriate course of action.

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    Think I'd rather donate to an official earthquake relief fund. No offence.

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    Had far less money than i thought, Pay hasn't gone through yet Chucked 10$ in, More to follow when pay comes through.

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    dstruktiv wrote:
    Like I said the intentions are good but small amounts of money is (mostly) worthless in this situation.
    Wow, you have absolutely no idea whatsoever.

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    Mancubus wrote:
    Wow, you have absolutely no idea whatsoever.
    Care to enlighten people? Obviously the OP doesn't feel the need to, and instead just wants money going into a bank account (his?)