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    Cryo* wrote:
    The current Humble Monthly deal is amazing value imo.

    $12 (USD) gets you:

    Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy
    Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy
    Call of Duty®: WWII
    For this month’s deal Humble Bundle gives you 3 seperate steam keys (Crash, Spyro, CoD) that you can redeem and play right now.

    3 games are revealed now but there are more games to come, which will be revealed next month.

    With big headliners like these the further reveals will likely be random indie stuff.

    The way I look at it is if the headliners are worth the entry price anything else they give is just cream on top (Crash trilogy alone is $80 NZD on the Steam store).

    SirGrim wrote:
    Do you still get the keys after cancelling?
    Yes, you can cancel right away and keep all this month's bundle, which includes the yet to be revealed games. You generally have until the end of the month to cancel the subscription before they charge you for next month, and it is as simple as clicking 'cancel my plan' in the dashboard.

    What. wrote:
    is that some weird rental / service platform or do you get the steam keys for those games?
    This is not a rental service, the steam keys are yours to keep or to gift to friends.

    Here’s the FAQ which explains it further:

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    Personally, I think it's worth the price for either Crash or Spyro: they're only sold digitally on Steam where they're regional price-jacked (to $79.95), haven't been discounted much (down to $47.97), and probably won't go below $20 each any time soon since they're published by Activision. Then there's the fact that Spyro was only released on PC last month....

    And FYI the top of the monthly page actually answers the subscription/platform questions: "Redeem on Steam and keep them forever."

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    Ya it's a great deal, wish they offered something similar for console stuff.

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    Sting wrote:
    Ya it's a great deal, wish they offered something similar for console stuff.
    They do, they've had a couple this year

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    I mean the on-going monthly one like on PC as opposed to just the one offs.

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    Heads up, I purchased Trine 4 and The new Yooka Laylee today from steam.

    Just before I hit buy I noticed that there are some Trine bundles up and turns out it was cheaper for me to buy he ultimate bundle which includes Trine 3 and Trine 4 than just buying Trine 4 separately - go figure, thanks for the discount and a free game Steam!

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    you mean another greyed out never installed in your steam library?

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    The Steam Halloween sale is up

    Ton of horror games on discount

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    Picked up

    Outlast 2 - 75% off
    The Beast Inside - 10% off
    Call of Cthulhu - 50% off

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    Yakuza 0 is today's daily deal on Steam, $9.51NZD. Arguably the best place to start the series, being a prequel to the original game (which has now been remade as Yakuza Kiwami).

    Good for another 31 hours as of this post.

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    The December Humble Monthly bundle has started, with the following early unlocks for $12US (~$18.70NZ), and at least 4 other games to be added in December:

    - Yakuza Kiwami
    - My Time At Portia

    Not as good as last month's monthly, IMO, given the age/RRP of the games, but still pretty good for Yakuza and SOULCALIBUR VI if they interest you.

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    Some of the last few good Bioware RPGs are on sale for the next 30ish hours on Steam.
    Mass Effect 1 + 2 bundle
    Dragon Age 1 Ultimate Edition

    I recommend just taking those Mass Effect keys and redeeming them in Origin, to save headaches with the DLCs.
    Bioware were on some lame shit with their DLCs back then, eg making them only available through their own forums and you had to buy them with a separate Bioware premium currency.

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    Rumour mill says Mass Effect (1,2,3) series is getting a remaster

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Rumour mill says Mass Effect (1,2,3) series is getting a remaster
    If they do a decent job, I wouldn't say no.

    If it's some half-arsed bollocks with barely updated assets then I'd probably just to stick to the original releases with remade HD texture mods. Eg the recent FF8 Remaster.