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    It's all replaceable so the most expensive I guess... ~8-10k car.

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    The four foot fluorescent light fitting?

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    Phaxy wrote:
    The four foot fluorescent light fitting?
    Or the pot-plant.

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    I suppose the carpet is ok.

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    DooMZie wrote:
    Haha i get it . Oh and that is one attractive girl you have there, could i have a go with her?
    Mike Patton wrote:
    NO! She's mine.

    Oh crap now you've pissed off her brother. He's gonna smash you.

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    Kelso wrote:
    NO! She's mine.

    Oh crap now you've pissed off her brother. He's gonna smash you.

    Instead of him smashing me, can't he just watch me smash his sister's box?

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    blissfuljoy wrote:
    He actually said no bullshit answers. I guess I can safely say that your brain isn't your most prized possession.

    Others named parts of their body so naming one part of mine is valid too.
    aye what that tahi

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    Car or motorbike. I like my PC too, but it'd be quite easy to build another.

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    WHAT THE ****!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

    She's getting dressed then going to explain to me why the hell she was in bed with her brother! I was gonna kick his ass but realised he would beat me like a drunken father hits his children so decided to wait and let her explain herself.

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    How did you take that photo??

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    i.e.awesome wrote:
    How did you take that photo??
    Obviously he has a third hand. Duh.

    I thought it was pretty simple.

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    Oh of course. How stupid of me

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    Much win in this thread

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    That picture's actually a live feed from his brain.

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    i.e.awesome wrote:
    How did you take that photo??
    I walked in on them having sex and I had the camera in my hand so I took a photo.

    So she just explained everything to me. That ****ing whore had been cheating on me since day one! That's not her brother it's her other boyfriend. I was just being used the whole time! I gave her 2 years of my life and this is how she repays me. I feel so used What the **** GP, stupid bitch I gave her everything and our whole relationship was a lie

    She told me she ended up falling for me but it's too late! Paybacks a bitch, I have nudes of her.

    Enjoy boys!

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    Looks like her plastic surgeon wasn't very good. Boob job looks botched.

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    Dw Kelso, I got your back.

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    xbox 360.

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    id say my les paul. probably murder anyone that did anything to it...

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    Kelso delivers with nudez

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    Oh god what have I done, oh god oh god. She's killed herself.

    She told me that posting nudes on the net was unforgivable and she couldn't go on living knowing that there were always going to be nudes of her on the Internet. She took a bottle of pills and I can't find a pulse. Her lips have turned blue and her body is really cold.

    Oh god I'm screwed. I'm going to get blamed for this. Her dads a cop, he'll make it look like I did it. I can't goto jail, I'm too pretty! They'll hand me round like currency.

    I gotta get rid of the body. Oh god what have I done.

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    Quickly use this syringe of adrenaline on her

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    Whoa ****

    I don't got your back anymore Kelso.