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    **** Mike the syringe of adrenaline didn't work, she's been gone for too long.

    It gets worse. After I stabbed her with the needle a cop knocked at the door and busted through saying he had reports of a murder. One of you must have dobbed me in!

    He came in and saw the body. I had to kill him too.

    Now I have a dead cop and dead girl to get rid of. I'm so screwed. How did it all happen so fast? Gotta get rid of the bodies. Can't goto jail, i'll get eaten alive. Why is his all happening to me

    If I go down I'm taking you all with me!!

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    I'd be pretty screwed without my glasses so they would be my most valuable possession.
    Sentimental wise a small set of drawers that were my grandfathers and a metal Swiss army knife I bought when I was about 7.

    I don't really get much satisfaction these days from owning collectable/rare stuff whereas it was something I was into when younger.

    btw Kelso, the Avon is your friend...

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    Probably my shotgun which my dad gave to me.

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    Quick Kelso, bury the bodies!

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    My car, which is kinda sad

    Kinda a hobby tho.

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    Blinkwing wrote:
    Quick Kelso, bury the bodies!
    no burn them!

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    A_Tiny_Chipmunk wrote:
    no burn them!
    Nononono, do a Sweeney Todd on them! Gather all edible meat and cook pies! Then burn the bodies!

    fuzzy2308 wrote:
    Is that like a helicopter with two rotors?

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    Kelso made this thread .

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    id probably be most pissed off if my computer disappeared out of all my possessions.

    does a cat count as an object?

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    I think I've got my mums china cabinet/glass collection when she dies, so I'll take good care of that and put it to good use.

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    I'm guessing Kelso's imagination is his most prized possession.

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    lol kelso, you must be really bored haha!

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    Sorry it took so long to update. I had to walk a long way home from getting rid of the bodies

    Well heres what happened.

    I took the bodies and carried them out to the police car. I had to get rid of the cop car aswell. I talked to comms pretending to be the officer saying that there was no girl and that the boyfriend (me) said she was working and he thinks she might be a hooker so i'm (the cop) is going to check it out.

    I took the car, my ex gf and the cops bodies out to a abandoned parking lot where hookers are known to hang out.

    I put the pill bottle in the car and put the bodies on top of each other to make it look like the cop was getting a hooker while working.

    I twisted some wires together to make it look like an accidental electrical fire due to a combination of chinese lubricant and careless hooker plowing.

    below is the end to all of my troubles.

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    please =]

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    Lost for words

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    Take it Kelso didn't know his girlfriend's real name was Mitch Connor.

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    Most likely to become a serial killer: Kelso

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    Oh wow Chris.

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    Combination of lots of different things. One of them doesn't really stand out.

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    I came in here to post something, but now I just wanna see what happens next Kelso!

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    epic story is epic.

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    posting in a HOF thread