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    Win one of three copies of Dead Rising 2

    Capcom have released the hotly anticipated Dead Rising 2, and now Gameplanet is giving you a chance to win one of three copies on your choice of gaming platform!

    Dead Rising 2 allows players to experience the carnage of a Zombie outbreak. Whether you're jumping into giant hamster balls and mowing down the undead; seeing who can place the most drill buckets on zombiesí heads, or taking to the arena on a motorbike with chainsaws for handlebars, the challenges feature exactly the kind of over-the-top action and humour that Dead Rising is known for.

    Enter now

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    Aaand entered.

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    Entered Mofo

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    Smash them zombies

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    Inside of the drawer

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    You gotta be in to win.

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    in 2 win *crosses fingers*

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    In to win, PS.

    LOL Chuck Norris

    I spammed the admin forum and all i got was a custom tag telling me I'm a tool

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    Totally want this. Dead rising 1 was sweet.

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    I want it on PC ( sick mods incoming! )

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    Awesome! I used to enjoy running down zombies with the umbrella

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    was dead rising 1 on PC?

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    this better come at me, bro.

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    BattleCrap wrote:
    was dead rising 1 on PC?
    That's a Negative, 360 exclusive.

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    lol bowLer and DooMZie's avatars go well together xD

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    entered and want it bad!

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    Entered oh yeah!

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    keen as

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    done, hope its not too late

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    Already pre-ordered this on steam, but its hard to convince my friends to buy this for the co-op game.
    So this would be going to a friend to get them playing.

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    entered. mean

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    Wouldn't mind this

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    Good luck, to me!

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    I love freebies!! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!! Haha.