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    Ruining it..

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    Quasi ELVIS wrote:
    PM Mutton for free FTP services.
    Sure this is OD, but not in this thread.

    Come at me, bro.

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    :P Sorry. (little GP joke)

    I think the best bet would be to cut it up and put it on youtube. That would be the most accessible. I don't know wtf I'm doing but I'd use Windows Movie maker to cut it into 9-10 minute pieces and then youtube away.

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    Or, I'm assuming it'll be a simple file format such as .avi. If the file isn't too big, you could probably just upload it to

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    Or, you can just use the FTP Linx offered.

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    Do you all assume she knows what "FTP" means?

    You'd be better off saying.
    1. FTP means you give the file to me.
    2. I put the file on a private little space on the internet.
    3. everyone who is told the details about the web link can download the file from it, possibly with a password.

    either that or i'm wrong in my understand of what FTP is.

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    Linx did tell her to PM him :P

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    Private messaged her on how to upload the file to an FTP for everyone to download

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    Huyi wrote:
    Some have asked for a NOK bank account details so you can continue donating:

    National Bank
    06 0613 0088340 00
    K G & N E E Kilpin
    need to be placed in first post tooo so people can find it easy

    gonna put some money in tomorrow

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    gps a good bunch i
    any word on how his family is mox pearl ?

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    Yeah, pretty amazing stuff from people here.

    made me tear up - hope his family is alright (as ok as could be in this situation)

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    hey valeo long time no read [for me]
    yer though i didnt know him he seemed like a decent guy
    my mate died of cancer when we were in highschool , wasnt fair at all

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    I don't come here very often at all, but after reading one of his threads I felt sad

    RIP, you're an inspiration.

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    RIP good sir.

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    I'm 19 too and the courage you displayed while you were alive is inspiring. Rest easy huyi, hope the chair is comfortable while you chill with god.

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    Already been posted.

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    Well, it's been good. Excellent effort GPOD. I think this thread deserves a well deserved ride to the HOF.

    If any of Huyi's relatives need to say something, best to private message an admin (Such as Egor or JvJ). Donation info is still in this thread I belive.


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    Here is the link to the funeral for those who would like to see it.