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    PES 2011 reviewed

    Review by Mike Ross;

    I feel old. It could be the occasional gray hairs that are becoming increasingly, well, less occasional. It could be the aches and pains I wake up with the day after attempting anything even remotely athletic, or it could be the copy of PES 2011 Iíve been banging away at for the last few days.
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    Sports games arenít just about enjoyable action; theyíre also about the fantasy fulfilment of participating in the same leagues and competitions you see on television, and the trainspotter-like desire to recreate those competitions as realistically as possible in your own home.
    truer words have never been spoken

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    Yea, but anyone who has ever played pes knows that they struggle with licenses, thats why they make it so moddable, within a week, you will have some 3rd party peeps do the entire english league, chants,strips,emblems,player..... so this is a none problem.... for pc anyway...... dont care what consolers do!

    But IMO pes 2011 looks really good, but I will not be making this purchase, for 2 reasons,
    Reasons one : Pes2010 I spent 100 dollars on this last year, was completly broken and unplayable!
    Reason two : I tried to prepurchase pes 2011 for pc directly from Konami, because every other game and platform you can buy directly from there website for cheaper than NZ prices, apart from Pes2011 for PC, So I sent them a snotty email complaining about this, and they pretty much fobbed me off!
    So Fk em!

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    licences don't matter, just install pesedit patch -