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    do you need the server to load that?

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    any other good tools like that for players?

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    That's the only one I use.

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    Awesome, that could definitely come in handy. Though I wonder if it allows you to create waypoints other than to people playing. IE: your mine/base etc.

    Thanks for pointing it out Cloudy, appreciated.

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    It's meant to make way points to places on the map... or at least it use to

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    i should have a server up next week hopefully will be loading mods etc onto it.

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    A few questions about your new server Death_nz:
    ~What are the specs of the server?
    ~Will the servers be in New Zealand?
    ~Is this going to be a mod heavy server? ie. What kinda mods are you planning on using?
    ~24h up time?
    ~Will you need moderators?
    ~What kinda server do you want to have? PvP, PvE, PvP restricted to only certain areas, ect.
    ~Are you already working on a map for this so when it's up there'll be a nice starting area and all?

    As you can see, I'm really keen to join and help improve a server that's based in NZ. Been on so many great over seas servers but they all lag or are missing really nice things...

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    it will be up 24 hours a day.
    its hosted in new zealand at a server hosting place.
    i will need moderators
    i do want to load some mods on, im still checking them out atm if you have any suggestions.
    i dont want any griefing on my server. i think make pvp restricted to certain areas might be alright
    the server host is in auckland and they dont work on weekends im currently waiting for a reply from him about something so i dont think itll be ready till late next week

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    I'd be happy to help out as well. Might even chip in a bit if you need help paying for the server. Would love a fresh and structured NZ server.

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    Well here's a few guides on how to start up a server (not that you asked lol)

    Use MineOS to run your server (as recommended by this thread.

    [Pick 1] Server wrappers:
    SimpleServer Wrapper:
    zMod Server Wrapper v0.1.9:


    [Need 1] Server mods:
    hMod Server Mod Build 134 Alpha 16


    [Pick what you want] Plugins (ones I recommend):
    CraftBook, must have. Can make a ton of really cool things like lifts and bridges:
    NPCs + iConomy Full of awesomeness, NPCs and economy!:
    Skills, level up mining skills, farming skills ect:
    LWC lets people lock their chests so others can not steal from it!:
    NPC + quests, so you can give out quests and rewards:
    Death, when somone dies it puts something in global chat!:
    BigBrother Awesome greifer tracker! :
    ExactSpawn Change spawning location :
    World edit In game map editing tools!:
    WorldGuard Greifer protection!:

    And for a longer list you can look though:

    = win!

    Think that's about it... for now =P

    Also have you thought about making a map in single player that you'll want to import into the server. That way you'll have a nice starting area already. For reference on how to make a good starting area for a popular server check out: and What they essentially have are newbie friendly zones. In these zones are lots of signs for people to read with the rules on them before they can get anywhere.

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    LWC is a must. It really is one of the best plugins you can install.

    iConomy is really good if set up right.\

    Also cuboid so you can protect areas.

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    Make sure theres no fall dmg.

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    yeah allright im working on all this right now however the guy whos keen to host it for me is a little slow to reply

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    Would be cool to have a protected city area and then a "Badlands" out lying area where anything goes.

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    That's what I was thinking... kinda like all the other bigger server I've tried lol.
    So what happens with mods is: You have a main city (this city is protected with mods, so nothing can be broken/greifed) Then everything outside is free for all. But then, people can start up towns out side, so then if there's enough interest you can register a town and get that all protected (with mods so can't be greifed).
    So in the end there are a bunch of towns and roads to the towns (or other forms of transportation eg. warp points, rail tracks or star gates)

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    Cloudywolf wrote:
    Well here's a few guides on how to start up a server (not that you asked lol)

    Use MineOS to run your server (as recommended by this thread.
    Just remember that MineOS includes it's own Admin panel and you can use that admin panel to install bukkit right out of the box

    Although I'm guessing the other admin panels have more/better features (I've never tried them to know myself) But just thought I'd highlight that point

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    New Minecraft update released for those who are unaware.

    Beta 1.3 has the following
    • Implemented a new lighting engine with the help of MrMessiahs (can be turned off)
    • Changed the options around, added a new “Graphics options” button
    • Added beds. If all players in a map sleeps in a bed during night, the game immediately skips until morning
    • Added three new half-size blocks
    • Added Delay/Repeater redstone dust blocks
    • Added whitelisting to the server. To use, enter “whitelist <cmd>” where cmd is “on”, “off”, “add <player>”, “remove <player>”, “list” or “reload”
    • New save file format, old maps need to be converted (that might take a while..)
    • It’s now possible to have more than five save slots, and to rename saves
    • Scrollbars in both the texture pack list, and in the map selection screen
    • Replaced the Mojang splash image to reflect the new logo colors
    • .. and a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks!

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    is server down ?

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    it hasn't been up in god knows how long.

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    that would explain it then lol, been ages since ive been on minecraft was wondering if it was still up

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    Ah... so what's the story? New server or anything up or...?

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    yea i just got MC recently. kinda gutted GP doesnt have a server anymore.

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    Crosspost to attract new people:

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    Anyone interested in a Hardcore NZ mc server?

    Hardcore as in limited mods (basic spawn protection/anti-grief) everything else outside the spawn area is free for all. Pure survival, where raiding others bases is common and forming "Clans" can occur.

    However with a slight twist. I want to bring the fun back into MC survival, not things like flight or anything but cool features like the ability to create bridges/ropes/ riding horses and things like that, to make survival more functional and bases harder to raid.

    I know that NZNetwork has a HC server, unfortunatly the mods/admins are not much into caring for the HC population and spend all their effort in boring creative servers where people spend 10,000 hours making a village to never actually use it, rather just keep expanding. I suppose this is MC in a nutshell but yeah no one seems to use the other MP features.

    I have it all ready to go, just need to host it up, but keen to see who's interested.