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    God of War: Ghost of Sparta reviewed

    Review by Deepak Ravindran;

    The original God of War took everyone by surprise.

    No one expected such a high quality hack'n'slash game with excellent production values and numerous memorable moments for the PlayStation 2, especially with the release of the PlayStation 3 just around the corner. With fans still reeling from the original game, the second upped the ante. It didnít offer too much in the way of improvements but had arguably one of the most epic opening set pieces, probably surpassed only by its successor, and plenty of jaw-dropping moments.
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    Are there any plans for a new PS3 GoW game?

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    Rungus wrote:
    Are there any plans for a new PS3 GoW game?
    "Is this really the end of God of War? Wouldn't it be foolish for Sony to end to such a successful franchise?

    It is certainly the end of the trilogy. We're capping off the story that we started in God of War 1. Can you expect other things God of War? Yes. We're not going to let it go, just like that. Are we going to proliferate the market with tons of God of War? No. We're going to be really careful about what we do next, and make sure we have something interesting to show and tell."
    - John Hight, studio director at Santa Monica

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    Yeah Deepak ma man. Nice review.

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    cheers JP!