Review by Frank Gibson;

Disney Interactive has added nine studios to its portfolio since 2005 with mixed results. While Split/Second developer Black Rock currently has the greatest cachet with gamers, Disney's most interesting acquisition is surely Junction Point Ė a studio founded by renowned developer Warren Spector. Formerly at Origin, Looking Glass and Ion Storm Austin, Spector worked on a number of Ultima games, System Shock and Deus Ex. Epic Mickey is his first new game in more than half a decade.

For industry spectators Epic Mickey is a title against which Spectorís return to the spotlight will be measured. For the rest of us it marks Disneyís latest reimagining of their mascotís public image, something the company controls so tightly itís a wonder the mouse hasnít been smothered and rattled his last.

By now, most of us are more accustomed to the staid Mickey we see dispensing advice to pre-schoolers in straight-to-DVD movies. The new Epic Mickey is more reminiscent of his mischievous incarnations circa the 1930s. But of more interest than this so-called "edgy" retrograde is the supporting cast. Epic Mickey re-introduces a number of retired Disney characters to a contemporary audience.
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