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    Review: Rock Band 3

    Review by Geoff Parmenter;

    WE HAVE ALL READ about - even been witness to - the slow decline of the rhythm game genre. Frequently blamed for exacerbating the decline of such titles is the often steep monetary investment in necessary peripherals.

    Year after year content and games have been released to luke-warm responses and many have speculated that the time of the rhythm game was at an end. Even here we’ve wondered aloud whether the next instalments would replace the drum kit with a dead horse.

    Colour me surprised to discover that Harmonix, creator of the Rock Band franchise, has looked into the face of the non believer, thrown up the horns and released a masterpiece that may just be the Sgt. Pepper of the genre.
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    We apologise for the late review, it took us some time to procure the pro instruments!

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    Looks sweet, any word on how expensive the pro instruments are?

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    ^ I'd also like to know.

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    On mighty ape the Mustang Pro Guitar is $350 and keyboard is $200. I know others on here have been importing the instruments for a bit cheaper. I wonder if we'll have any chance of getting the Squire Strat.

    As an aside, outside of the addition of keyboard and pro mode, I'm really liking the addition of the No-fail mode- it's a god send in multiplayer and encourages people to try higher difficulties (which are more fun) without having to worry about causing the team to fail.

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    Yikes, thats hefty, as I expected.

    I used to play guitar. Id probably be better off buying a real one and relearning it.

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    Yeah you can import (like I did) the keyboard for $150.

    One comment about the review...

    though not all songs feature keyboard tracks as time goes by downloadable content with keyboard sections should become more common.
    Something like 95%+ of all DLC has supported keys so far. 12 packs from The Doors, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel,a Bee Gee's Pack, John Lennon Album + Single, A new Queen pack + an upgrade pack, Lynyrd Skynyrd pack and lots of random singles, keys are pretty well covered.

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    Agree with the review. A couple of observations coming from someone whoes last music game was Guitar Hero 3:

    The track list is good.
    GH set lists felt like a few good tracks amongst a lot of unknowns (some of which were very good). But most of the RB3 songs were familiar and pretty good. The downloadable content only adds to this (though not much of the RB2 content currently supports keyboard).

    Buy the keyboard...!
    The demo is misleading, you can't play keyboard with a GH/RB guitar. But, and I bought the Mighty Ape keyboard, the keyboard is much more fun... though play pro. Hitting the chords is pretty achievable on mediumm, but, in my opinon, is more fun than guitar on hard.

    Why Didn't they use musical notation...
    However, the basic question will be 'given you've gone pro why not straight musical notation?' The answer is obvious with the keyboard in that it requires two staffs which wouldn't fit a multiplayer game (no idea about guitar). But it's much harder to recognise notes coming down a shifting keyboard than a standard nomenclature. For single play this would be a real option... which maybe Garage Band supports? (watching store demo)

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    Playing Keyboard on Guitar is an unlock, I forget what it is but you have to like 3 star 50 songs on Guitar or something like that.

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    My drums broke after i bought Green Day Rock band back before july.
    I think i got a little carried away with them haha.

    I have not been able to replace them yet but when i have the money im so getting a stringed pro guitar a keyboard and a new set of drums.

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    For anyone who hasn't seen the notation yet, here are 2 Pro Guitar/Keyboard vids from this weeks Linkin Park DLC.

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    JB HiFi have the Pro Drums for $360, Keyboards for $200. Not sure if they have the Mustang or not.

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    This genre should have been looking like this a long time ago + a shit tonne more choice for music - all the rape charges the charge you with for extra music (both dlc and weak sauce sequels ever 20 mins)

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    I feel intrigued, I feel that string guitar on a game would be the best way for me to actually do something about learning guitar, my regular guitar has been untouched for a year or so, i could sell that and get this. As a non console gamer, what is the cheapest I can get an xbox + rb3 + string guitar for and where from ?