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    Post your CAT thread

    Coming here purely to post a picture of your cat?

    Don't make a new thread - just put it in here.

    Caption cats will not be tolerated.

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    in before carl

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    Alien. Weirdest cat ever.

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    Poppy. When we first got her

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    i cant get a decent pic of my cat as it always runs off or is out disemboweling possums in the kitchen

    maybe i can get a pic of that?

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    Mo I don't understand why she sleeps in stupid places.

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    Jack (now passed away sadly)

    Black and white one is older but still alive

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    Two of our Kitty Cats hard at work.

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    My 9 year old cat Psycho

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    I'm not the girl your mother warned you about

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    My Maine Coon cross Little Dipper

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    I'm not the girl your mother warned you about

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    White: Zeus - 11 months old now - hes a manx
    Orange: Winters (after Dick Winters :P )
    Grey: Moose

    Moose & Winters are good mates while zeus is a fiesty little shit.

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    heya munky

    This is our 5.9kg cute monster "Fatty Boombah" She adopted us.

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    And again.

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    awesome deaf cat narla... she is playing with a dead bird we strung up from a tree as a play toy

    poor thing has a fat nose from getting a tattoo...

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    early narla

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    clear shot of the tattoo and swelling...

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    Is "tattoo" slang for something? I cannot understand on a literal sense.

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    no its for real. inking the nose and ears of white cats can prevent skin cancer... its something white cats suffer from quite often. you can get this done by a vet...

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    My old cat, Milo.

    I call this turbo sleeping.

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    RIP Pixel

    Every morning

    Even kept me company while playing BOPS