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    Review by James Cullinane

    IIT’S DIFFICULT TO LAVISH praise on indie games without toeing the line of a professional stereotype. On any given Friday, you’ll find the scorned poets that compose a sizable portion of the gaming press holding forth at their local drinking hole, lamenting the lack of innovation in major game releases and heaping acclaim on this week’s most obscure homespun title that has been produced on the smell of an oily rag.

    ilomilo might not quite have the inflated indie credentials required for more than a passing mention at such a gathering of worthies, but it’s both good enough and low-pro enough that typing up a review of it is sufficient to induce self-consciously clammy palms.
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    As silly as it might sound I watched a complete play through of this game on YouTube and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a charming game and really enjoyed watching the story unfold as the memories were collected. Bitter-sweet & Charming.