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    Review: Sound Blaster World of Warcraft wireless headset

    Review by Dan Cheer;

    Talk about adding insult to injury.

    Not only are most headset leads about as thick as a strand of spaghetti, it's utterly impossible to fix small breaks in them. Anyone who has made the foolish mistake of running over a lead with their chair, or standing up too quickly will be painfully aware of this.

    Detachable leads only go halfway to fixing this problem - instead of throwing out the entire headset you only have to throw away the lead. But which overpriced retailer is open at 2am when you need to replace it?

    Wireless is the way forward, and if you're going to declare to the world that you're a dedicated MMO gamer, nothing says it more definitively than a gaunt appearance, an aversion to direct sunlight, and a Sound Blaster World of Warcraft wireless headset.
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    this part is contradicting and confusing tbh:

    Creative have offset this issue by making the entire headset out of plastic - forgoing the typical steel band construction of most top-end units in an attempt to provide a more comfortable experience for the end user. As this headset is pitched at a demographic unlikely to think twice about wearing them for six hours at a time, any amount of weight saved is welcome, even if it does make the unit feel less sturdy as a result.
    tbh, material has little to do with the comfort of the headset, it's very much the headband and to a lesser extent, earpad design and fit. Plastic is fine as long as it's high quality plastic. But well, there is a demand for high quality wireless headsets and this is a start.

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    ^ The comfort speaks to weight, personally I hate heavy headsets. But I see your point.

    The earpads and headband are very comfortable, although you do tend to find yourself airing out each can once an hour or so as they can get a bit claustrophobic. But if you prefer the fully contained can design, you could do a lot worse.

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    The Horde Headset is sexy as tbh

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    Rather have the logitech g930 tbh