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    Answers to most common mobile questions found here.
    • Examples:
    • My phone doesn't work on Telecom XT/Will [phone] work with XT?
      -See "XT Compatibility" under network frequencies and coverage
    • Will my 2degrees/Vodafone phone work with XT?
      -See "XT Compatibility" under network frequencies and coverage
    • What are 2degrees 'broadband zones'?
      -See "2Degrees Broadband Zones" under network bands and coverage
    • MMS/Internet is not working
      -See APN/MMS Settings

    Network Frequencies and Coverage
    The following main network bands are used in NZ.
    Click on the frequencies to see approximate locations of cell towers (Dated september 2010, thanks to [email protected])

    Official Coverage Map
    2G/GSM: 900mhz & 1800mhz
    3G/WCDMA: 900mhz & 2100mhz

    3G 2100 is extra capacity in cities, 900 is nationwide [All Cell Site Locations]
    Note that it cannot be determined which 900mhz cell sites are 3G and which are 2G

    Official Coverage Map
    2G/GSM: NONE
    3G/WCDMA: 850mhz & 2100mhz

    3G 2100 is extra capacity in cities, 850 is nationwide [All Cell Site Locations]

    Official Coverage Map
    2G/GSM: 900mhz & 1800mhz
    3G/WCDMA: 2100mhz

    3G 2100mhz is in cities. [All Cell Site Locations]
    2Degrees customers roam onto Vodafones network, the above is native coverage.

    Telecom XT Compatibility
    General Rule: Unless its specifically stated as being XT Compatible or having the frequency described below, it probably won't work. Exercise extra caution when buying a phone for XT and double checking that it will work. Be aware of parallel importers and trademe sellers simply copying generic technical specs for all models or a USA model. The majority of parallel importers do not sell phones for Telecom XT. It's not a fault of the phone and its not a fault of Telecom, the device is simply not compatible with their frequency.
    For more information read below.

    As per the information above, Telecom does not run a 2G/GSM network. XT is a 850mhz/2100mhz 3G Only network.
    When choosing a mobile for XT or for checking compatibility, you should be checking for 850mhz 3G (Listed as WCDMA/HSDPA/UMTS). 850mhz GSM will not work.

    XT has additional 2100mhz 3G coverage. You should however NOT rely on this frequency, as its designed purely for extra capacity and does not provide full coverage. See the above links for where 2100mhz is available. Even if you plan on only using your mobile within the main cities, it is strongly discouraged to rely on it.

    If you have a phone from 2Degrees/Vodafone, there is a very high chance that it will not be XT compatible. If telecom is selling what appears to be the same phone, it will be a 850mhz version of the same model, where as 2degrees/Vodafone will be selling the 900mhz version.
    Exceptions to this rule are Tri-Band 3G devices (850/900/2100mhz) such as these.

    2degrees Broadband Zones
    Information on "Broadband Zones" [2Degrees Website]
    Broadband Zones are where 2degrees have built their own network, and therefore can offer mobile data at a much lower rate than when customers are roaming on Vodafone's network.
    2Degrees Mobile Broadband plans are only available in these areas. Outside of these areas National Data packs must be used.

    APN/MMS Settings
    APN's (Access Point Names) provide access to the internet, as well as other data services such as MMS. These settings should be entered under network or internet settings on your phone.

    Checklist for MMS issues:
    • APN Settings are correct
    • Mobile data is enabled (some phones require this)
    • Test both sending and receiving
    • Check that your phone or software (eg custom android roms) does not have known issues.
    • Test your SIM in another phone, and vice versa

    Enter the settings exactly as below, any other settings can be left blank or automatic.

    Name: 2degrees internet
    APN: internet
    MCC: 530
    MNC: 24
    APN Type: default,supl,dun

    Name: 2degrees MMS
    APN: mms
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 8080
    MCC: 530
    MNC: 24
    APN type: mms
    Telecom XT
    APN Name: TelecomData or TelecomInternet
    MCC: 530
    MNC: 05
    APN type: default,supl,dun

    APN Name: TelecomContent
    Port: 8080
    MMSC: http://myhomepage
    MCC: 530
    MNC: 05
    APN type: default
    (Note: This APN provides access to telecom WAP services such as the telecom stores, checking your telecom balance etc)

    APN Name: TelecomMMS
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 8080
    MCC: 530
    MNC: 05
    APN type: mms
    Name: Vodafone NZ
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port:
    MCC: 530
    MNC: 01
    APN Type: default,supl,dun

    Name vodafone NZ-MMS
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 8080
    MCC: 530
    MNC: 01
    APN Type: mms (type this in in lower case)

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    Wow at the map

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    Nice thread eee

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    yeah i know all the APN's, its just this took so long to write the above that they went on the "when i get around to it" list, in terms of formatting them.

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    Finally added APN's. Updated info on XT compatibility.

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    Thanks eee,this is real good stuff to know before buying a cellphone and will help people out.

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    Thanks Exdee! Legend

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    Cheers guys, if you have any improvements or suggestions just say so.

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    1./ What about which cellphone manufactures are good/reliable to buy/quality ones that are not cheap junk etc.

    2./ Different OS's:Andriod,IOS etc.,pros and cons of them,which is better etc,what one can do better then another one keeping to facts etc---(may have to be careful as it might be a flame war with crazy fans).

    3./ Good places to buy cellphones from,good deals,cheaper to buy from etc.

    4./ Best cellphone to get at $200,$400,$600,$800,$1000 prices. ---(like pablo d does with pc components)

    Would be real great if these things could be sticked so we could check them out for advice and help of course before buying a cellphone.

    Of course this would be alot of work to do and would be completely understandable if you did not want to go this far,so thanks anyway for what you have done already.

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    Those are nice ideas, however
    1) each manufacturer has good and bad models
    2) this is hard to do as you said, all have pros and cons and its often down to preference
    3) this would require a lot of research, i think feedback can go in the PC build online stores thread,
    4) this requires a lot of updating, and is subjective to peoples needs/wants

    So yeah, im not going to go that far with those, i think if anyone has queries like that making their own thread means they can get the right phone for their needs.

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    Yeah sweet as and understandable,and thanks for giving your reasons.

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    Thankyou for this post, Vodafone said my phone wouldnt work as its an import. I couldnt surf the net unless I used wifi. Now I can without wifi.


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    possibly a dumb question but can you cut telecom sims down?

    I had my 2degrees sim cut from regular to micro just wondering if telecom can do the same? I assume you can but got to be 100% sure.

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    All sims are pretty much the same in this aspect. Should be fine unless you damage the chip.

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    sorry I was just wondering if a HTC Sensation Z710a would work on the vodafone nz network, including the 3g ? i live in auckland.
    thank you

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    no 3g on vodafone, would be better on telecom where you will get 3g but can't use the 2100mzh booster towers. Will work on 2g with vodafone though.

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    Thinking of 2degrees lulz, so if I have to roam on to Vodafone's 900mhz while on a pay monthly plan I have to pay per mb separate of my data allowance?

    edit: from what I've gathered, it won't work at all unless I ask them and then I either purchase a 50mb or 100mb pack or pay 50c a megabyte?

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    Am I right in assuming these settings don't really change much and are still current as from OP?

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    APN settings are the same.

    This thread needs an update to the maps though.

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    Thread necro regarding 2degrees

    It seems that there is an all-in-one apn being used? I can't get any mms to send out for some reason. And there are 4 APN

    2degrees (open)
    2degrees internet
    2degrees mms

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    Silly question - on my phone you have to 'select' an APN, but as above, Telecom have three. Which one do I select? Or does it not matter? I'm wondering cause I can't download MMS when on the network, but when at home on Wifi it works (send and receive) just fine..

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    Can a standard 850/2100 Telecom XT branded phone work on 2D/VF? Or will it be very limited? Can get my head around 900/2100 phones working on XT (limited urban coverage) but I'm not so clear on 850/2100 phones on 2D/VF.

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    Its similar to telecom in that youll only get 3G in urban areas, though vodafone and telecom have a larger 2100mhz network than Telecom does.
    Outside of these areas youll drop down to 2G (which telecom doesn't have), which is unbearable for data but fine for text and voice, abeit with lower quality.
    So fairly easy to remember - similar situation, but more 2100 3g area, then add on 2G everywhere else.

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    Super helpful, thanks.