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    Picked up a tool kit

    But have been given something else by a friend, letting it go for $150 only opened it to check it out have not used anything. Then found out I was being given the other tools

    Pain in the ass but oh well haha
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    Ended up buying the Cane Creek Helm fork that I was testing. Too rad not to. I've always fought with support vs arm pump and this fork just changes that equation completely. Firm as **** with no downsides.

    Also considering buying the Hayes Dominions I've been testing for the last few months. I really don't need new brakes right now but I've been spoiled by the damn things and I'm honestly struggling with the thought of sending them back.

    Good time for slightly alternative products I guess!

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    Haha nice man good to hear other brands are putting out good products, my hope v4s turned up damaged so sent them back to the uk this morning

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    Bugger. My friend and very, very good rider is on those and seems to like them so hopefully you get things sorted.

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    Yeah I’m in two minds about wether or not I get another set or just get something else. I rode my friends bike who says the v4s heaps of modulation but not 100% sure if the stopping power would compare to saints etc

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    Anybody need a 170mm 2019 Debonair spring for a 650b Lyrik?
    I'mma pull one out of a fork hopefully this weekend.

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    AstoriaParanoia wrote:
    Anybody need a 170mm 2019 Debonair spring for a 650b Lyrik?
    I'mma pull one out of a fork hopefully this weekend.

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    A mate of mine hates his V4s with a passion. He's spent a lot of money getting the right pads, discs etc. Possibly they need a bleed but he's always struggled. He came from Saints. He has Trickstuffs coming in June to replace them.

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    I’d really like trickstuffs but god damn they are so expensive, hoping my shock turns up today I’m so keen to get out on the bike

    Managed to get my hands on some taiaha tyres should arrive early next week I can’t wait and my shock is on its way back

    List of items I’m currently selling

    Camelbak Hawg LR - used
    Fox d30 launch pro knee pads size L - brand new
    Pro tools tool kit - brand new
    Ergon Ge1 laser lemon, dmr deathgrips orange - both brand new
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    was someone here selling saint brakes, or did I read that else where?

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    Yep I have a set for sale,

    Managed to get myself a set of Cushcore quite cheap will be interesting to see how it performs and got my shock back today.

    Once my crushcore arrives should be tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll throw it on, put my new tyres on and go for a blast see how it all rides

    Today I went and got my Cushcore put it, new maxxis taiahas on and put the rev grips she’s all good to go now
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    New parts day! Feeling like a proper mechanic now. I also have a few new tyres on the way to run the inserts in

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    Would like to hear how you go with those Rimpacts*.
    Even cheaper than the Nukeproof ARDs I was eyeing up.
    Are those valves anything special?

    edit: I see they have the ports to the side so are necessary.


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    Even better than that they have 4 holes around the base so shouldn't have any issues with getting gunked up

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    What width tires are they going into?

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    Did you get that torque wrench locally or was it from crc or something?

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    I bought 2.5 inch DHF Minion WT. Went for the lighter Exo casing rather than DD. Don't seem to have issues with side wall damage but boy have I been denting my rims lately.

    Yeah got the torque wrench from Crc. Seems well made

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    Thanks man I’ve been looking at one of these

    But will take a look at that one as it goes abit higher

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    I just went for the cheapest with good reviews

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    ilikepie2, have you tried out the new F.O.D track at colonial knob? It's a pretty sweet DH track, but short and super loose soil but fun.

    If you hit Trail 10 (right at the top) down to chimney sweep, onto F.O.D then into upper blaster to lower blaster it makes for a good ride. Hitting that track sequence would make for good suspension testing.

    Also I heard (not sure if true or not) that the Whistler park builders got the OK for building the lift there, so that's good news.

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    Nah man I had a car crash in which my ute was written off, still having headaches from the concussion so I’d say I’ll be awhile away from riding.

    Have heard good things about it from mates tho.

    Pretty sure the ok was given for that awhile back

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    Good news.
    I'm gonna need more than a week's holiday to ride everything I want in Welly.

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    ilikepie2 wrote:
    Nah man I had a car crash in which my ute was written off, still having headaches from the concussion so Id say Ill be awhile away from riding.

    Ah true, forgot about that ordeal, guts about the headaches.

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    Haha yeah it’s pretty shit so keen to get back on the bike, hopefully not to long now.

    Found out this week they need to re operate on one of my arms, this year is going to be a write of for riding. might sell the bike and get something once everything is sorted -.-
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    Sooooooo. Yesterday afternoon while at the hospital with my son my giant reign 2 and Merida trail was stolen off the back of my car. Couldn't possibly have come at a worse time honestly. So so so gutted I put so much work into the reign. Hard to say but don't think I'll be getting another bike, 1. Can't afford it and 2. It's really put me off to be honest.