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    Quite funny that you look at the photo and it doesn't seem like much of a drop, but in reality you are actually landing way out of shot.

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    Looks bigger in the photo to me than when I done it, but that was in the afternoon when shadows were cast over it so it looked smaller.
    But yeah you end up way down the track.

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    Yea when you hit anything at speed it is bigger doing it than it looks for sure.
    Used to get into downhill quite a bit but injuries from various sports has slowed me down a bit.
    I still do a bit when I am in Wanaka and Queenstown. My brother works at

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    So am wanting to get into mountain biking but have no idea what bike i need to get. I'm 5'11 and looking at getting a bike maybe a couple years old. What sort of money should i be looking at spending? Anyone able to link some Trademe auctions of bikes they would recommend? Just going go out to Woodhill mainly. Cheers

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    What type of riding you wanting to do? Are you going out with people who ride already or just starting on your own?
    You could either get a cross country bike (light and full suspension or hardtail). Suited for those long rides out along long trails and doing jumps and drops aren't recommended on these.

    A all mountain bike (usually full suspension and a bit heaver with stronger components and shocks that will take more of a beating).
    In my opinion the best type of bike to get. You'll get to do a bit of everything on it and can also take on long rides and do your jumps and drops.

    Or Downhill which a person starting out won't get straight into and an all mountain bike will do downhill too but not the extreme stuff.
    If you like bombing hills fast and doing big gaps and big drops then you'll find you would want one of these bikes. But you're starting out so you wont be needing one at the moment.

    Decent Cross country and All mountain bikes can be picked up second hand for around $800 if you're lucky to $2000 and usually they sit around the $1500 price.
    Try stick with full suspension rather than hardtails for a smoother ride.

    You'll be suited to a medium frame by the sounds of your height.

    But yeah I'm sure someone would be able to help you out even more. Or you could post at

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    Cheers MAE, can't really afford a full suspension bike right now. But won't be doing many jumps first off anyway. Just me and a couple mates wanna get out riding for a bit of fitness. What do you think of this one? Is about as much as I want to spend and apparently the correct frame size for my height.

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    I haven't heard great things from specialized low end bikes but lately merida has been good.

    I would choose that over the other. but thats just me. I don't know too much about hard tails and which one is good. not sure what size that bike is either.

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    I just got a new bike today as bike barn was having a 50% off i think every bike. There were lots of hard tails for 500/600?

    Might be worth a look..

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    Woah you must be doing grade 4 and above?! I've been a couple of times recently to the Redwoods but a lot of the tracks are closed for logging - really frustrating! I can only do up to level three at the mo, nearly bailed attempting some grade 3's / 4

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    MAE wrote:
    My old frame I recently replaced.
    Dude your bike looks SICK

    Man I am so keen to check out this rotorua redwoods place.. Look's epic! Only riding I've done is at Woodhill Bikepark.

    Ugh keen to get into this.. great training for my moto racing..

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    ^Thats it with the old frame, I've got my new frame on the wheels now.
    Still waiting for my new hand grips, front derailleur and shorter stem.

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    I want to get some white rims for it too
    I'll be keen later on to get a dirt bike but for now I'm loving the all mountain stuff and the fitness side to it too

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    damn I need to stop being such a phaggot and get out to woodhill, or at least get out on my bike dammit

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    I can potentially buy a second hand downhill bike from a dude that rides top nz level, for around $1200ish, as he's after a new bike,

    without knowing any details regarding make/model etc, would this be a good idea? Or are bikes generally trashed by top tier riders and not worth jack? I know it's pretty damn vague but I don't have alot of info to work with atm..

    Otherwise looking into getting a versatile Merida new from bike barn with this 50% off sale.


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    The issue you would possibly encounter with a top level bike is that it will have all the top level componentry, so when you stack it the replacement cost will be considerably more than replacing lower spec stuff

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    Are you going to be doing straight downhill all the time? if not then don't bother.

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    Nope, will be doing a fair variety of riding I imagine, went down to bike barn today - looking at a Merida One-Forty - good bike?

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    How much was it and how much are you willing to spend?
    You'll get the best deals buying secondhand imo.

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    Was around $1500 - I'd normally go secondhand but with 50% off I'm thinking I could ride it for a year and then sell it for not much of a loss when I travel next year. Ideally wouldn't want to spend much more than that.

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    This is what I'm currently looking at, $1640.

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    Seems like a decent bike to me.

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    Cheers, ****ing amping bout this thing. Can't wait to jam some tracks around the waitaks

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    Maestr0 wrote:
    Cheers, ****ing amping bout this thing. Can't wait to jam some tracks around the waitaks
    Have fun

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    Question, how durable are MTB knobblies? will road riding destroy them super fast? I've been havin a bitta fun playin around in urban environments so far as havnt been able to get to any trails due to no license.

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    Yeah they will wear down faster but should be alright every now and then, and try not to do skids
    Also is your frame shock set up for your weight?