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    how does the body separate urine and shit(stool)

    Ive always wondered this.. obviously we cant urinate via the anus. At what point does the separation occur.

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    And why can I piss without shitting.
    But not shit without pissing?

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    Pee in a butt, end apartheid

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    Hi, I'm GP's resident psychic and I sense this thread won't last long before it meets HOS.

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    Eat some infected chicken, and I can guarantee you that you'll be pissing out of your ass for weeks.

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    Your large interstine filters out most of the piss from the poo and stores it in your bladder. If to much gets filtered out you piss more and your poo is drier - doesnt move as easy so you get constipaterd. Otherwise if not enough pee gets filterd out then you get diarhear.

    Awt, BSc

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    shit thread.