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    Jopsy wrote:
    Nice I'm gonna have to give some of those manga a go.

    - If anyone else is up to date with Gantz, I'd love to hear what you think about the epic turn of events :P~~ Berserk is going a bit off track but still second-to-none in artistic detail / style. I think thats also partly why I love Gantz too, how he's used 3D photographic backrounds and scanned them into/ with 2D characters.

    I can't stress though how epic Gantz has become, I'm a sucker for Sci-Fi

    Keen to read those manga with un-predictable plots
    I have been thinking about reading Gantz, ive only seen the anime and it got pretty crazy

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    Good characters though. Thanks for the recommendation!

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    tbh I like eba's sister more lol....

    @josh - berserk is taking way too long for each chapter, I sort of forgotten what is happening :/, you should try reading Toriko, it is up there above naruto and bleach and just below onepiece. instead of the pirate world there is a gourmet world

    @gantz -epic turn of events in terms of rescue but i do miss the old weekly release with so much action

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    Thought i would let you guys know a new manga from the author of Full Metal Alchemist is coming out in a few days

    not sure what its about yet but should be good, i think its gonna be a weekly

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    Latest episode of Kimi no Iru Machi is obviously setting up things. Bit of a filler.

    Started reading The Living Game, which is quite good. It's kind of like a slice-of-life manga that combines work and romance. Old but good.

    Also read Parallel, which is okay but it reminded me why Suzuka and Kimi no Iru Machi are both so good.

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    Yea something srs is gonna happen between them in Hiroshima

    heres a spoiler for Kimi no Iru Machi chapter 130


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    Oh yeah, just read it now. I hope he doesn't get back with her.

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    Im pretty confident that he will. Him and Asuka have made no progress in 2 years, its like there just really good friends, its almost as if the only reason he went out with her to start with was because he didn't want there friendship to end. What was the reason he gave again as to why he liked her? because she is "cute" lol

    About Eba..Its funny that she just happened to be loitering around the store where he works on her birthday, she wants him back hard.
    Like i mentioned before, when they go back home to Hiroshima we will have a clearer picture of things. They will probably end up going to that spot together.

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    Nanami or his mate ftw.

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    What's the bet that Eba will end up on the back of his bike?

    Contrived plot situation incoming.

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    i don't really get what will happen with eba anymore, it seems like hiroshima will fall for her again but to get shutdown again

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    There will be some contrived reason.

    I just want him to hook up with Nanami or that other mate.

    Think I've said that once or twice already.

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    or even better that cook lol, pity she was just a filler character.
    calling it now haruto and eba have sex on the trip

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    That would suck. Yea, the cook was quite an interesting character actually.

    You reading anything else at the moment?

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    umm...besides the ones i mentioned in my first post of the thread, i have started reading a few more that are turning out to be good.

    Code Breaker - a mix of Action/Supernatural/Martial Arts

    Just started reading this one so kinda hard to explain but about a guy called Oogami who kills bad people, and a girl Sakura who sets out to stop him and change his cold heart ways. they are in high school or something.

    Baby Steps - Tennis/Romance

    Its about a guy who a perfectionist honor student and decides to play tennis because he needs some physical exercise, but because of his perfectionist ways and his great studying/note taking ability he becomes good very fast and is inspired by a girl in his school who is aiming to become a pro tennis player.

    Saijou no Meii - Doctor/hospital manga

    this is actually really good.... the main guy Saijou was born with a bad heart. and thanks to the incredible skills of Japanese leading pediatric heart surgeon, he survived into adolescence, and he's decided to show his gratitude by becoming the greatest pediatric surgeon the world has ever known.

    Umi no Misaki - hmm

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    Oh yeah? Some of those sound alright.

    Just started Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and Fairy Tail. Both are pretty epic.

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    Murakami wrote:
    Oh yeah? Some of those sound alright.

    Just started Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
    I was gonna start this, but then skipping through quickly it seemed like one of those annoying ones where people can never say what they mean and the story never really goes anywhere. Maybe im wrong?

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    I'm only on volume 2. But I'll let you know how it goes.

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    i just caught up with UxU and is quite a good read indeed, pity it does not seem to be a weekly release?

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    Yea, I need my fix. Is it the scanlators or the actually manga that is slow?

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    uxu has just recently come back from a 2 year hiatus, i do think it is something like monthly now

    it will be finished this year apparently, the author talks about it on his blog but its Korean, i had to use goggle translator which is terrible so couldn't understand anything.

    the problem with this author Im Dal Young is he has like 10 manwha's going at the same time lol

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    well lucky i wasnt reading before the hiatus lol, does he have other similar work?

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    hmm not really straight romance story's like UxU. But Aflame Inferno is good.


    The manwha is actually released every 2 months. this is the last volume so only a handful of chapters left in the story.

    btw, i really hope that we don't end up being trolled with uxu. The 2 year hiatus started after chapter 72.
    Now the producer is a new company which is from Japan because the one from Korea went bankrupt. and if you notice the last 3 chapters have been quite different. especially this Yae Young going crazy bs, they should have just let her move on and her story end.

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    Kimi no Iru Machi is still going slow.

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    Murakami wrote:
    Kimi no Iru Machi is still going slow.
    yea seemed like a filler ish chapter this week