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    The Zelda Manga - Twilight Princess

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    I am currently reading manga right now is isekai raw. This is one of the best.
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    Well Bleach box set 1 arrived yesterday so I'm starting on that. (have to get 2 more large as boxsets) It will be interesting to see the difference between the anime and the manga.

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    Up to book 5. So far the anime mostly keeps to the manga.

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    Spitfire wrote:
    when he smacked that chick in the face, because she ripped off Ji-Soo's skirt, then had that fight with the delinquent type guy
    I'm also reading UxU and I just finished Suzuka, so I'll have to check out Kimi no Iru Machi. I like how unpredictable and a-typical the protagonists are in both Suzuka and UxU. Both plots are highly original and unpredictable imo.